Post conflict 2 years on: Reconciliation: ‘Not easy, but not impossible’

It's two years since congress ratified the peace agreement with the FARC. In Caquetá, an ancient Japanese art form connects civilians, ex-FARC, & military.
Metro Bogotá

Peñalosa vs. Petro: The Metro

Mike Mackenna breaks down Bogotá Mayor-Elect Enrique Peñalosa and outgoing Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro’s most recent public spat, over the Bogotá metro construction project Bogotá...

Territorial peace: Coexistence, trust and empathy

The idea of “territorial peace” is repeated at least 118 times in the peace agreement. It is a thorny issue, not least because of the complex demographics in rural Colombia where citizens may have been victimised by several different players, and members of the same family may have belonged to opposing sides of the conflict.
TransMilenio, Bogota Public Transport

Bogota’s TransMilenio System: A Painful Route to the Future

As protests against the TransMilenio system’s poor service become increasingly frequent, The Bogotá Post investigates how Bogotá is attempting to serve its millions of daily commuters
Venezuelans in Bogotá

The struggle of Venezuelans in Bogotá

For decades, Colombia has seen more emigration than immigration. But now the tables have turned and the country is an increasingly appealing place to live – especially for thousands of fleeing Venezuelans. But is it ready to deal with this influx of people? We speak to some of the those who have moved here to find out about their experiences.

Colombia seizes 13.4 tons of cocaine in country’s largest drug bust...

Colombian police seized 13.4 tons of cocaine yesterday in northwest Antioquia, in what is being called the country's largest drug bust ever. The drugs were...

Petro: Blow To Democracy

Bogotano voters are the real losers as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced last week that he  was approving the impeachment of Bogotá Mayor...
San Andrecito Bogota, Colombia contraband goods

Much ado about smuggling

Martha Ferro visits San Andresito to find out about the impact of new laws The Colombian government is determined to battle contraband. And, amongst others,...
Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Laureate Bogotá

16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates arrives in Bogotá

The 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates brought a powerful message of peace, forgiveness and inclusion. Ex-combatants dressed in white walked and danced around the stage to the words of Gabriel García Márquez then passed white ribbon through the crowd before leaving their final message: “We are going to weave peace.” We explore four key topics of the event.

“Historical memory goes hand in hand with peace”: María Emma Wills...

The unopened Museo de Memoria Histórica will debut its first exhibition, 'Voces para transformar a Colombia', at the FILBo (Feria Internacional del Libro Bogotá), which will...