Paramilitary activity Colombia

Paramilitary activity: ‘Government must recognise problem and fight it’

Miguel Choza Fernández of the International Office for Human Rights Action on Colombia (OIDHACO) speaks to Emma Newbery about the growth in paramilitary activity and some of the other threats to creating a lasting peace.
donald trump bogota

Donald Trump cancels visit to Bogotá

  U.S. President Donald Trump has cancelled his Latin American travel plans to Bogotá and to Lima's Summit of the Americas in order to respond to the...

“Historical memory goes hand in hand with peace”: María Emma Wills...

The unopened Museo de Memoria Histórica will debut its first exhibition, 'Voces para transformar a Colombia', at the FILBo (Feria Internacional del Libro Bogotá), which will...
Child Mortality in La Guajira

Top stories of 2015: Child Mortality in La Guajira – The...

Mike Mackenna explains why, since at least 2008, thousands of children have died from preventable causes in the coastal department of La Guajira.
oil spill Santander

Recent allegations and fiscal investigation could shed new light on Santander...

This Monday, it was reported that sufficient evidence had been found for the Fiscalía to launch a formal investigation into the environmental emergency caused...
Venezuelans in Bogotá

The struggle of Venezuelans in Bogotá

For decades, Colombia has seen more emigration than immigration. But now the tables have turned and the country is an increasingly appealing place to live – especially for thousands of fleeing Venezuelans. But is it ready to deal with this influx of people? We speak to some of the those who have moved here to find out about their experiences.

Colombia’s tense wait for the COVID-19 vaccine

Will we get coronavirus jabs any time soon? Or just more hot air? A quick Q&A on the country’s plans to inoculate against COVID-19.
Activists Colombia, Activists deaths

Colombian activists hit hardest by spiralling violence

As Colombian activists, human rights workers, and community leaders continue to be attacked throughout the country, Emma Newbery looks at the causes they are fighting for.

Migration: ‘Without us, the world would not turn’

The stories of caregivers who migrate to earn money to send home – leaving a care deficit in their own countries.

Petro: Blow To Democracy

Bogotano voters are the real losers as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced last week that he  was approving the impeachment of Bogotá Mayor...