colombia world cup group preview

Colombia World Cup group preview: Can Los Cafeteros roll again in...

  Colombia's 2014 World Cup saw Los Cafeteros reach their best ever result with a magical run to the quarterfinals in Brazil. This time around...
post-conflict Colombia

One year in post-conflict Colombia: Pieces of peace

November 24, 2016, saw the understated signing of the revised peace accord between the Colombian government and the FARC. This first year of post-conflict has seen its fair share of challenges – most recently the amendments to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) which some insiders dubbed ‘the worst crisis in peace process yet.’
Indonesian forest fires

Feeding the fire

Forest fires are dominating headlines in Colombia and around the world. Kieran Duffy looks at the human factors that exacerbate the problem and asks what lessons can be learned...
Humberto de la Calle, elected Liberal Party presidential candidate

Humberto De La Calle: Liberal candidate for the 2018 presidential election

Leading peace process negotiator and former vice president Humberto De La Calle will be on the ballot for the 2018 presidential elections. In a tight election with...
San Andrecito Bogota, Colombia contraband goods

Much ado about smuggling

Martha Ferro visits San Andresito to find out about the impact of new laws The Colombian government is determined to battle contraband. And, amongst others,...
TransMilenio, Bogota Public Transport

Bogota’s TransMilenio System: A Painful Route to the Future

As protests against the TransMilenio system’s poor service become increasingly frequent, The Bogotá Post investigates how Bogotá is attempting to serve its millions of daily commuters

In focus: Cauca

Colombia has seen another spate of violence in Cauca with two massacres in a week. What has been happening?
European border controls, Schengen travel

Shaking up Schengen

As several Schengen countries reintroduce border checks, Kieran Duffy finds out what the upheavals could mean for Colombian tourists who have just started to enjoy visa-free access.

Humberto De La Calle: An unlikely rebel

Long-term politician and chief negotiator with the FARC Humberto de la Calle talks to us about peace, equality and nadaismo.
Metro Bogotá

Peñalosa vs. Petro: The Metro

Mike Mackenna breaks down Bogotá Mayor-Elect Enrique Peñalosa and outgoing Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro’s most recent public spat, over the Bogotá metro construction project Bogotá...