Key medical workers in the coronavirus crisis: The respiratory nurse

Many are working from home, others have no work to go to. Some people, though, are key workers for society in the COVID-19 crisis and have to continue turning up in person.

Colombia says Venezuelans are involved in ELN terrorist attacks

Venezuelans are taking part in ELN attacks, Colombia’s defence minister has said, as border issues continue to cause troubles for both countries. Luis Carlos...
Bogota Cumpleaños 447

Happy birthday Bogota!

On August 6, Bogota celebrated its 477th birthday and since it is a long wait until the city hits the big 500, we thought...

Transport Bogotá: Construction to start on Bogotá’s metro

Are the brakes finally off for the Bogotá’s metro construction? The constructors say they will break ground in April.
colombia world cup group preview

Colombia World Cup group preview: Can Los Cafeteros roll again in...

  Colombia's 2014 World Cup saw Los Cafeteros reach their best ever result with a magical run to the quarterfinals in Brazil. This time around...
Enrique Peñalosa, Peñalosa 100 days

100 days of Peñalosa

When he first stepped into office on January 2016, Enrique Peñalosa was confident, with ambitious plans for the city. As Bogotá's mayor celebrates his current administration’s first milestone, Diana Mejía takes stock of the achievements and controversies in what has been an eventful 100 days.
Venezuelans in Bogotá

The struggle of Venezuelans in Bogotá

For decades, Colombia has seen more emigration than immigration. But now the tables have turned and the country is an increasingly appealing place to live – especially for thousands of fleeing Venezuelans. But is it ready to deal with this influx of people? We speak to some of the those who have moved here to find out about their experiences.
oil spill Santander

Recent allegations and fiscal investigation could shed new light on Santander...

This Monday, it was reported that sufficient evidence had been found for the Fiscalía to launch a formal investigation into the environmental emergency caused...
Social leader killings

All part of a plan? Study throws light on social leader...

"The killing of civilian leaders is a tradition here. Something which in other countries would be considered a huge scandal is somehow normalised in Colombia," says the CCJ's Camilo Bonilla, co-ordinator of a ground breaking report into activist deaths.

Post conflict 2 years on: Reconciliation: ‘Not easy, but not impossible’

It's two years since congress ratified the peace agreement with the FARC. In Caquetá, an ancient Japanese art form connects civilians, ex-FARC, & military.