Post conflict 2 years on: Reconciliation: ‘Not easy, but not impossible’

It's two years since congress ratified the peace agreement with the FARC. In Caquetá, an ancient Japanese art form connects civilians, ex-FARC, & military.
oil spill Santander

Recent allegations and fiscal investigation could shed new light on Santander...

This Monday, it was reported that sufficient evidence had been found for the Fiscalía to launch a formal investigation into the environmental emergency caused...

News in Brief – November

Fishing resolution, UN-voting on Cuba embargo & Shakira - News from November in brief.

State of the nation: Higher education

Higher education funding per student has decreased dramatically in the past decade and the deficit won’t be easy to bridge.

Coronavirus cases in Colombia: March 30 update

Coronavirus could kill 3,000 in Colombia, say experts. We look at the latest COVID-19 stats.
Colombia Peace Process 2016

In search of a lasting peace

Colombia has never been closer to reaching a comprehensive and definitive peace deal with the country’s largest left-wing rebel group, the FARC. The partial agreement on victims’ rights was finally published in its entirety on December, putting the peace talks back on track and renewing hopes for the signing of a final peace agreement. Veronika Hoelker outlines the challenges and prospects for 2016.
European border controls, Schengen travel

Shaking up Schengen

As several Schengen countries reintroduce border checks, Kieran Duffy finds out what the upheavals could mean for Colombian tourists who have just started to enjoy visa-free access.
Rodolfo Palomino, Colombia police corruption

Top stories of 2015: Colombian police corruption scandal

With accusations of sex, murder, prostitution and cover ups, the Colombian national police have been rocked by allegations of dodgy dealings going back as far as 1998 and reaching all the way to the top: the head of the National Police, General Rodolfo Palomino. Mike Mackenna summarises the scandal.
TransMilenio, Bogota Public Transport

Bogota’s TransMilenio System: A Painful Route to the Future

As protests against the TransMilenio system’s poor service become increasingly frequent, The Bogotá Post investigates how Bogotá is attempting to serve its millions of daily commuters
Natalia Springer

Top stories of 2015: The odyssey of Natalia Springer

Mike Mackenna explains how “expert” analyst and alleged world-class scam artist Natalia Springer was able to make millions of dollars turning in poorly regarded...