Charity Soy Doy keen to get kids eating right with help...

Alejandro González worked at a local consultancy firm in Bogotá for just over 10 years. One year, his company decided to organise a team...
Cartagena Environmental Sustainability

Small businesses lead the way to environmental sustainability in Cartagena

In comparison to neighbouring South American countries, Colombia has made fairly significant steps towards a sustainable environmental policy in the past few years. The...
Hidroituango Dam River Cauca Flood

Hidroituango dam flooding forces thousands to evacuate

"Please immediately withdraw from the Cauca riverbed and its shores. In the following minutes the water flow will increase, downstream of the dam. People...

Rebuilding a community bio-construction workshops

Constructing peace through community development in bio-construction workshops.

Marcha por la Vida: Pro-Life NGO organises national protests against abortion

This Saturday, May 5, 42 cities across Colombia will take part in a march organised by the NGO Unidos por la Vida, in protest...

Niñas sin miedo foundation: empowering girls through cycling

Based in Soacha, Niñas sin miedo is not there to ‘help’, it’s there to empower, educate and find ways for these girls to reach their potential. It’s about creating community leaders.
Deforestation Amazon Colombia

Colombian supreme court issues ground-breaking ruling on Amazonian deforestation

Colombian Supreme Court judges rule the urgent necessity for government measures to protect the Amazon from deforestation which, according to recent statistics, increased by...
Desafio Google 2017

Desafio Google 2017: recognition for social innovators

Find out about three very different social ventures – focusing on technology, nature and health – which have been shortlisted for Google prizes due to their ability to innovate and impact society.

Co-School: Reimagining education

An imaginative approach to education mixes kids from different backgrounds and encourages them to work on their social and emotional skills as much as academic ones.
La Familia Ayara, Don Popo, Rap Bogotá

La Familia Ayara: Voices of the barrios

‘People living in violence and oppression aren’t used to expressing their opinions, but rap debate can let them, and it seems less offensive because it’s art’, says Don Popo, founder of La Familia Ayara. Phoebe Hopson finds out more about the innovative organisation that is empowering people through rap.