Victims ‘have a right to the truth’

The Bogota Post attends a conference where former UN chief Kofi Annan discusses the importance of truth commissions in healing the wounds of war.

From bad to worse

Economist Carlos Rangel gives an on-the-ground perspective on Venezuela’s economic woes and political machinations. He says the only thing that is certain is that we should expect the unexpected

Adoptions denied

Controversial court ruling denies adoption rights to gay couples unless one partner is the biological parent of the child The Constitutional Court ruled to limit...

Uribe allies convicted of spying

Former spy chief, Álvaro Uribe’s chief of staff found guilty of spying on judges, politicians and journalist On Friday February 27 the Supreme Court convicted...

‘Hidden’ volcano found in Caldas

Though dormant for 30,000 years, newly discovered volcano ‘potentially dangerous’, researchers say Scientists with the Colombian Geological Survey have found a previously unknown volcano. The...

Bogota: bike bonkers

Colombian capital has higher number of daily bicycle users than any other Latin American city, study reveals Bogota has the highest number of cyclists and...

Tourist aeroplane suicide

A 47-year-old man hanged himself in the bathroom of an Avianca flight from Bogota to Costa Rica earlier last month, local media reported. Costa Rican...

Peace Process Latest

Report: Talks save lives Generals to talk ceasefire with FARC On Monday this week, the Ministry of Defence announced that five generals from different branches of...

Chapinero four months without a murder

The Chapinero neighbourhood of Bogota has not seen a single homicide for four months, police statistics released last week revealed. According to figures provided by...

Hitting it off

Colombia to make their mark on tennis in this year’s Davis Cup The only tennis tournament to really pit countries against each other, in a...

Colombia snapped up!

A new book brings beauty and diversity in an instant... When photographer Matthew O’Brien came to Colombia in 2003, to cover the Concurso Nacional de...

Becoming a pronoun-pro

Understanding pronouns in English can be a tricky subject but it's a necessary skill for those trying to master the language. We take a look at the different kinds and uses of each in our piece Becoming a pronoun-pro

Spanish flu

Feeling a little under the weather? Can't shake that pesky cold? We give you all the vocabulary and Colombian colloquialisms you'll ever need to describe whatever ails you
Coffee culture Colombia

Coffee Crusaders

How is coffee culture changing in Colombia? And, as coffee tours become more and more de rigeur for tourists, how is the tourist industry responding?
Salento Colombia, Colombian coffee

Salento: A tinto too far

As a traveller, complaining about tourism is like complaining about traffic jams while sitting in a car. After a visit to Colombia's famed Zona Cafetera, coffee tourism in Salento leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste for Emma Newbery.
Eco Coffee Tours Colombia

Ecotourism: it’s complicated

Charlotte Ryan learns more about the challenges facing small coffee farmers and the complex business of ecotourism. I must admit to being sceptical of ecotourism...