Colombia cedula

Cedula renewal

Two crucial identity documents for Colombians and foreigners are up for renewal soon. Failure to renew the old-style cedula will result in fines.
Colombia Schengen

Schengen entry

From the second half of 2015, Colombians will be able to travel to countries in the Schengen zone without being required to obtain a visa, according to the Spanish consul in Colombia.

Vis-à vis visas

Getting a visa, or knowing which visa to get, can be a big headache for foreigners in Colombia. The visa system has changed a lot in recent years but can still be challenging and even downright frustrating. We give you everything you need to know.

Rodriguez moves up

With two consecutive weeks of smashing performances on the squash court, Miguel Rodriguez has set his name firmly as one of Colombia’s current great...

Buenaventura: Violence without end

Last year, the Colombian port town of Buenaventura found itself in the international media spotlight due to its shocking levels of violence. We look at the situation as it stands today.

A king’s vengeance

Following the killing of a Jordanian fighter pilot at the hands of ISIS, our correspondent inside the country gives a candid look at how support is swaying towards King Abdullah's war stance

Colombia-Venezuela tension increases

Tensions between Colombia and Venezuela again are heating up as Colombian Ex-President Pastrana was stopped from visiting imprisoned Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez

Obama wants $288m for Colombia

On February 2, US President Barack Obama requested $288 million USD in funding from Congress to support Colombia. These funds are part of the...

The bulls are back

Bullfighting may be on its way back to Bogota as the Constitutional Court overrules Mayor Petro

Fear in the air

Last week's scare on the Vivacolombia flight to Medellin when the engine on the plane exploded mid-air could have ended worse. We get the inside view from a passenger on the flight

Hurtado and Uribe to be investigated

On January 31, Maria del Pilar Hurtado, the former head of Colombia’s ex-intelligence agency DAS, returned to Colombia from exile in Panama to face...

FARC plan to transform into political movement after conflict

The latest round of the FARC-Colombian government peace talks kicked off in Havana on February 2, with the guerrilla delegation tabling a number of...

Plan for the nation

Santos tables National Development Plan that seeks to tackle rural poverty, close rich-poor divide, invest millions in housing and schools and fund Bogota’s Metro...

Santos blasted over false positives

New bodies found as Human Rights Watch criticises extrajudicial killings legislation The watchdog group Human Rights Watch (HRW) has criticised the government of President Santos...

The peso’s plunge

The Bogota Post talks to the experts to find out what we can expect from the Colombian currency this year Two years ago a strong...

Vallenato for beginners

Anyone in Colombia for a while will have surely heard of Vallenato. Those new to the country may be wondering what those screeching accordions are all about. Fanatic Lee Ritter gives us a crash course on this Colombian musical staple