Gustavo Bolívar campaign materials for Bogotá elections 2023

Election Cheat Sheets 2023: Gustavo Bolívar

For the Bogotá elections 2023, we’re looking at the four highest polling candidates in what is really a three-horse race. We’re going in alphabetical order, meaning Gustavo Bolívar is up first.
The Bogotá elections 2023 are coming. By Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

Bogotá elections 2023: What’s going on?

Time to gear up for another set of Bogotá elections in the last weekend of October. This year will see a runoff - but what's going on?

‘We took the photo of the children that circulated the world’:...

Images provided by Colombia's Armed Forces of 4 children being rescued on June 9 after 40 days missing in the jungle....
The Minga Indigena at the front of the protests

March madness: Bogotá is back on the (sort of) protest trail

Today’s gatherings are more of a sunshine-soaked fiesta than a protest, as thousands gather in the centre of Bogotá for a concert, political rally and party.

Lessons learned as an entrepreneur: How to lead a fulfilling career...

This article authored by Juan David Aristizábal, CEO and Founder at PROtalento Although the unemployment rate in Latin America...
The Cocuy stage at 2022 to illustrate article on Festival Cordillera 2023

Festival Cordillera 2023: Latin talent galore in the heart of Bogotá

Festival Cordillera 2023 will take place in the capital on September 23 and 24. Find out who’s playing and why we think the event is a new highlight in the city’s music calendar.
Rubbish bins are sad

Disorder in Bogotá: the big issues in the 2023 elections

It’s a regular day in Bogotá, so I’m up and out early to take the dogs for a walk. The theme of...
Pre-match everything was OK

Millos lose their head as Bogotá turns red

The 313th edition of the clasico capitalino saw chaos as two Millos players were sent off and Santa Fe won 4-2

The ‘Colombian minesweepers’ swapping street activism for Cambio Radical politics

Bogotá ‘minesweepers’, famous for marking broken paving with pink crosses, want to be tough-on-crime candidates in October’s elections, but have sparked controversy by erasing murals to police violence victims
Graffiti by Erre in Bogotá, colombia

Crime in Bogotá: The big issues in the 2023 elections

With everyone talking about crime and police in Bogotá in the run-up to the elections, we took a deep dive on the issue

Spin when you’re winning: Colombia’s First International Futbolín Tournament

Following Colombia's first internationally recognised futbolín tournament, we speak to some of the people who want to develop the sport.

How earthquake-resistant is Colombia?

After a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Bogota, we spoke to a Los Andes geosciences professor to learn more about seismic activity in Colombia.
Various types of transport in Bogotá together on a street

Transport in Bogotá: The first big issue in the 2023 elections

Transport in Bogotá is often a nightmare, with the city frequently paralysed. We take a look at the issues the next mayor will face.

ANDICOM 2023: A Look into Digital Transformation in Latin America

From September 6th to 8th the “Las Americas hotel complex” in Cartagena, Colombia will host the international ICT congress ANDICOM 2023 for...

Migration stories from the Darien

A new exhibition at the Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez highlights the dangers of migration in the northwest of Colombia. We found out more from the artist and two young would-be migrants.

3 organizations join forces to offer partial tech education scholarships to...

Photo by Desola Lanre-Ologun on Unsplash Today, in Bogotá, according to GOYN, around 37% of young people in...