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Santa Fe

A portrait of Santa Fe

Once a prestigious district, home to poets, intellectuals, traders and merchants, Santa Fe is now a red light zone, home instead to strip clubs, sex workers and brothels. Fayida Jailler speaks to two artists who are working to capture the realities of Santa Fe, an area that has become synonymous with sex.
end of conflict

Farewell to arms: Colombia announces ‘end of conflict’

After over 50 years of conflict, today (June 23) saw the breakthrough in the Colombian peace process that many have been waiting for.
Colombia Chile, Los Cafeteros

Colombia goes under in Chilean storm

In a stormy Chicago, Los Cafeteros were overpowered after Chile scored twice in the first 15 minutes and held the score for the rest of the game.
peace process

June 23 agreement marks ‘beginning of the end of war in...

At noon, tomorrow (June 23), world leaders will gather in Cuba to witness another historic moment in Colombia’s three and a half year peace process.

Swearing in English

Cursing. Potty mouth. Docker’s language. Salty words. Swearing in a foreign language is something that can easily make you sound very strange. Oliver Pritchard guides us through one of his favourite pastimes.

All happening at the language zoo

While there are tons of animal-related Spanish words and phrases that are universal, Katie Jacoby focuses on ones that are either exclusively Colombian, ones that you’re especially likely to hear here, or ones that are just too ubiquitous to not include.
Vigilante justice

V is for Vigilante

Vigilante justice is responsible for one death every three days in Bogotá. As the latest viral video sparks both support and outrage, Laura Sharkey asks what it means for society.
penalty shootout, Colombia Peru, Copa America

Penalty shootout drama as Colombia progress to semi finals

Colombia advanced to the semi finals after winning an exciting penalty shoot out after a goalless draw against Peru. Los Cafeteros will face the winner of the tie between Mexico and Chile in the semi finals.
Sri Lanka

What can Colombia learn from Sri Lanka?

Siddharth Mohan draws interesting conclusions between Colombia and Sri Lanka regarding the end of a longstanding conflict on the other side of the world.
The Legend of El Dorado

The Legend of El Dorado: Colombia’s first international mountain bike race

Colombia boasts stunning mountains. But it has not – yet – hosted an international mountain biking event. Two Cali-based Brits are looking to change that, with their 600 km multi-stage race, The Legend of El Dorado, due to start on July 31. John Bartlett caught up with programme manager Dave Procter.

Lollapalooza lineup announced

Del Rey on her way to Bogotá for Lollapalooza alongside mystery headliner Some of the mystery of the Lollapalooza lineup was revealed on Wednesday, with...
Los Llanos

The magic of Los Llanos

Photographer Chantelle du Plessis heads out to los Llanos plains to find a land of stunning nature. Here she shares her photo diary.
Kaiser Chiefs

A predictably riotous performance

The Kaiser Chiefs delighted audiences with a powerful show, Azzam Alkadhi caught up with the band before their concert.
Bogotá Festival de Tango

Festival de Tango Bogotá

Bogotá is set to host a stunning spectacle of music and dance for the third time, as the city gets ready for the Festival de Tango.
Rock al Parque 2016

Bogotá rocks

Oli Pritchard looks ahead to the Rock al Parque 2016 festival and some of the bands who will be playing Every year, Bogotá hosts a whole cavalcade...
BAUM Festival

BAUM Festival: Becoming a techno town

Mike O’Brien visits BAUM Festival and finds many reasons to be optimistic about the future of electronic music in Bogotá On a sunny May afternoon,...