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On Trial: Cosmetic surgery industry

The ‘Jessica Cediel’ law is named after a model pursuing charges against a fraudulent doctor. In 2009, she was injected with biopolymers instead of the promised hyaluronic acid. The bill aims to regulate the profession and crack down on this type of damaging and sometimes lethal malpractice. Emily Hastings argues on both sides of the entire cosmetic surgery industry.
writing anecdotes

A funny thing happened to me the other day…

Anecdotes can have a bad reputation – sometimes because they seem trivial. They are, however, an essential part of human interaction. With Phil Stoneman’s helpful anecdote tips you will never be at a loss for a dinner party story or a funny tale to break the ice.

The right place for placeholders

Sometimes you just can’t remember what something’s called. How do you keep your composure and fake it when you draw a blank? Katie Jacoby furnishes us with all the do-das, whatsits and thingamajigs we need to forget words like a native.

Bachué: block by block

Who would have thought that Bachué, a French-Swiss architect from almost a century ago, would have a communal housing design taking root in northern Bogotá?
La Tramacúa

Traumas of La Tramacúa

  Wally Broderick gives an insight into the hell that is La Tramacúa - Colombia’s most inhumane prison The latest letter from the 193 inmates of...
Tatacoa Desert

Tatacoa Desert: Starstruck on lunar dunes

Experiencing the tranquil and awe-inspiring landscape of the Tatacoa Desert, a few hours from Bogotá is not such a hard task, as Laura Brown discovers.
Video Club

Video killed the electronic star

The city’s latest offering seeks to go against the grain of the typical electronic venues. Azzam Alkadhi meets the owners of Video Club to...

Seven years of fluff in the city

Fayida Jailler gets to know members of, Colombiafurs, Bogotá’s ‘furry’ community and discovers an anthropomorphic subculture When I turned up to the seventh anniversary of...
Rio Olympics Colombia, Olympic Games

Road to Rio: May

As the Olympic Games, the world’s biggest sporting festival draws ever closer, our monthly column keeps you up to date with the Colombian preparations With...
World BMX Championship

Medellín hosts BMX World Championships

Between May 25 and 29, the very best of the BMX cycling world will be in Medellín for the UCI 2016 BMX World Championships....
Malnutrition La Guajira

La Guajira: Estimated 14,000 dead from malnutrition

Simon West visits communities in La Guajira and hears tales of corruption, neglect, exploitation and a touch of optimism from people there.
Maxim Februari, Brigitte Baptiste, FILBo 2016

Maxim Februari & Brigitte Baptiste talk gender

Two fascinating journeys being undertaken by two erudite speakers and one fine conversation. Maxim Februari and Brigitte Baptiste, speaking at FILBo, make all of us a lot more aware of gender issues and how fluid they can be in reality.
FILBo 2016, Diana Uribe

Diana Uribe: a journey through peace processes

Diana Uribe is a Colombian historian and philosopher as well as journalist. I have heard her tell her stories over many years and her talk at the FILBo book fair was one of the most amazing yet.
Salsa al Parque

No merging al Parque

As the city reverses its controversial decision on the al Parque music events, Azzam Alkadhi looks into the festival fiasco A little over a week after...
Spencer Tunick

News roundup: May

Naked Bogotá American photographer Spencer Tunick, famed for his large-scale nude shoots, will photograph 10,000 naked people in Bogotá on June 5. Tunick has arranged...
Colombian Bloggers Association

Colombian Bloggers Association

The Colombian Bloggers Association (CBA) was formed in 2015 to unify the work of bloggers that write primarily in English. It provides a single platform where travellers visiting Colombia can get information on diverse topics, from culture and living conditions to politics, travel and food.