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Bogotá Bike Tour

Summer in the city: Staycation in Bogotá

We all know about the delights that Colombia has to offer should you want to go on a weekend break. But what about something a little closer to home? Bogotá is now a major stop off for many people coming to Colombia with a whole host of things to do and see. We take a look at three of the more popular activities currently happening in the city.
Colombia peace process, Colombia plebiscite

Myths and realities of the peace process

As all parties in the peace process agreement sign the historic peace accord, campaigns from both the Yes and No camps are ramping up before the plebiscite on October 2. We take a look at some of the more common notions associated with it and see whether they have merit or not.
comprehensive agreement, Colombia peace talks, Colombia peace agreement

FARC peace talks conclude with comprehensive agreement

The delegations of the FARC and the Colombian government have reached a comprehensive agreement on all the points on the agenda of the peace talks that began in November 2012.
Colombia Peace Agreement

Colombia on verge of full peace agreement with FARC

The Colombian government and rebel FARC guerrillas could announce the final details of a historic peace agreement as soon as Wednesday, according to reports...
Bogotá Bulldogs

Bogotá Bulldogs set off

The Bogotá Bulldogs, the capital’s first Australian Football club, are due to play their first ever competitive game. On September 3 they will face a team from Santiago de Chile which will come to Bogotá for the Bulldogs’ debut.
Bogotá shopping districts

InBogotá: Bogotá shopping districts

Bogotá is awash with streets, and even whole neighbourhoods, where just one item or service, and pretty much nothing else, can be purchased. Chris Erb discovers that there are districts for everything from pets, electronics, leather, printers and hairdressers to concentrations of restaurants selling the exact same thing.
Mariana Pajón

BMX superstar Mariana Pajón dominates to win Colombia’s third Rio 2016...

Having won gold at London 2012 - and then virtually every competition since - overwhelming favourite Mariana Pajón left her fellow finalists trailing in...
Colombia al Parque

Colombia al Parque: Free parking

Bogotá boasts multiple open air activities, which, thanks to a sizable investment from the city can be enjoyed al gratín, that is, for free. This month there are two not-to-be-missed events in the capital of free fiestas, Linda Gómez has the low-down on Colombia al Parque and Jazz al Parque.

Perros: It’s a dog’s life

Frantic breathing, blood red and a few sharp, painful blows immediately set the stage for what’s to come. Perros, the new film by Harold Trompetero that premiered at IndieBo, is a shocking drama that is set – and filmed – in prison. Milagros Oliveros finds out more...

IndieBo – 2,600 metres closer to the big screen

As thousands gather for this year’s IndieBo independent film festival, Milagros Oliveros hears from some of the people behind the scenes.

Retornan – more than a work in progress

One of the directors of Retornan, a film about a displaced community, which found success at this year’s BAM, tells Oli Pritchard ‘all they want to do is return to their land’
Cirque du Soleil

Entertainment news roundup: August

Cirque du Soleil is coming to Colombia The world famous circus has announced that they will be touring through South America with their new show,...
Paro Camioneros, Truck strike

Colombia’s truck strike: The truck stops here

Why does it cost more to get a container from the coast to Bogotá than to ship it from Beijing? Gerald Barr continues his journey through some of the curiosities and contradictions of life in Colombia by demystifying the truck strike.
Fernando Gaviria

Gaviria fourth in omnium: ‘I just wasn’t good enough’

Despite a good final stage, Fernando Gaviria finished fourth in the men’s omnium behind Italy’s winner Elia Viviani, Mark Cavendish from Great Britain and...
Rio Olympics

How did Rio de Janeiro win the Games?

With all eyes on Rio de Janeiro, we give an insider look at the way that cities are awarded the rights to host the Olympics as Emma Newbery breaks down the campaign.
Caterine Ibargüen

Caterine Ibargüen takes triple jump gold medal in style

The ever-smiling paisa was unstoppable on the night, beating the impressive Yulimar Rojas of Venezuela and Kazakhstan’s Olga Rypakova with a best jump of...