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Colombian peace deal

Colombia approves FARC peace deal: D-Day has almost arrived

On November 30 the Colombian congress ratified the new peace agreement with the FARC, marking the end of over half a decade of conflict and the beginning of a new challenge.
Colombian peace process

2016: Colombian peace process in review

It was the year that Colombia ended over half a century of conflict. As the new peace deal moves forward after being approved by congress, Veronika Hoelker reviews some of the key events of the last 12 months.
Desfile de Mitos y Leyendas Medellín, Colombian fiestas

Final Colombian festivals of the year

It’s lights, history and reggaeton as Chris Erb guides us through some of the unusual festivals that will round out 2016.
Wingo Colombia

Wingo: New low-cost airline offers alternative

For serial travellers of Colombia, Christmas came early this year. On October 20, Wingo swooped in to rival other low-cost airlines operating in the country.
Colombian crafts

Colombian crafts for dummies

With the help of experts, Jazid Contreras examines some of the most iconic Colombian handicrafts. He delves into their origins in order to give you a beginner’s guide to the colourful and diverse realm of arteanías, just in time for Expoartesanías, the annual craft fair in Corferias and, of course, the holiday shopping season.

Why we hate the FARC (and not so the paramilitaries)

As new research shows the role the media coverage has played in fuelling misconceptions about the FARC and paramilitaries in the Colombian conflict, Oli Pritchard speaks to Alexandra García who carried out the investigation.

Members of congress receive $28m pesos a month

Row over congressional salaries highlights significant gap with minimum wage as Colombia’s members of congress currently receive a monthly salary of nearly COP$28 million.

Colombian hacking scandal: Who hacked who?

A Colombian hacking scandal which shook the political establishment to its core following the last presidential election in 2014 has re-surfaced and may bring with it a series of aftershocks.
Marcha Patriótica, Human rights Colombia

Spike in violence against activists

Five community leaders were killed and several others seriously injured in the space of just four days, the President has said the latest violence cannot put peace at risk.
La Liga Ágila

Bogotá vs Medellín highlight quarterfinal draw

The Liga Águila finished the regular season with the top eight qualifying for the playoffs. With the draw for the quarterfinals done, the champion will be decided in straight two-legged knockout between the top teams. See below for details of the draw.
South American Cricket Championships, Bogotá Cricket

Colombia fifth at South American Cricket Championships 2016

Bogotá to host 2018 South American Cricket Championships after Colombia nabs fifth place in Brazil.
Bogotá Anglo Theatre

Bogotá Anglo Theatre: A Steady Rain

Audiences expecting pantomime or seasonal fun from The BAT may be surprised by this gripping dark thriller. However, as Phoebe Hopson discovers, they won’t be disappointed.
La Macarena

Alegria La Macarena!

On November 27, La Macarena neighborhood will spring to life with the second edition of its Macarenazo Festival, bringing together gastronomy, music and handcrafts.
Colombia-UK relations

A new phase in Colombia-UK relations

As Colombia negotiates peace, so the United Kingdom negotiates its withdrawal from the European Union: both countries on the edge of huge possible change, both dealing with legal and popular opposition to those changes.
Bogotá weather

Weathering the Bogotá weather

Rain? Sun? Hail? In his latest column on some of the idiosyncrasies of life here, Gerald Barr says your guess on Bogotá weather is as good as his.
ARTBO 2016

ARTBO highlights: Artists to watch, now and in the future

If you, like many art lovers, are feeling desolate at the end of the art week in Bogotá or if you missed the burst of creative manifestations that filled the city, you can take heart from Milagros Oliveros’ review of the city’s October-artfest.