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Colombian peace process, Colombia plebiscite

Victims support Yes in plebiscite

In the second part of our special on the upcoming plebiscite, we look at some of the victims of the armed conflict who have been outspoken in their support for the peace process. Azzam Alkadhi speaks to community leader Virgelina Chará and finds out more.
Colombia plebiscite, Iván Duque

What if? The question at the heart of the ‘No’ campaign

With the vote on the plebiscite happening this weekend, Senator Iván Duque speaks to Emma Newbery about why he is opposed to the current peace agreement and what a ‘No’ vote would mean.
Cartagena peace accord signing ceremony

Cartagena peace accord signing ceremony

International leaders joined distinguished guests from across the country to witness the formal peace accord signing ceremony in Cartagena. It was an event that called...

Colombia ratifies peace agreement

Today, September 26, President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC Commander Rodrigo Londoño (also known as Timochenko or Timoleón Jiménez) will officially ratify the comprehensive...

The writing’s on the wall

In his latest column, Gerald Barr wonders what’s in a name as he ponders the incarnations – and reincarnations – of Colombia’s armed groups, particularly the AGC or Clan del Golfo.
Tumaco, Colombian peace process

For troubled Tumaco the peace accord is only the first step

For the people of Tumaco, a city in Nariño, close to the border with Ecuador, peace remains a very distant concept. About 85% of the people there live in poverty, and there have already been more than 80 homicides this year. Katherine Barnes visited as part of the International Caravana Lawyers group so that they can receive first hand testimony from human rights defenders.
La Ventana Cafe

La Ventana: Window to the world

Entering La Ventana is like entering an Aladdin’s cave, filled with interesting and objects and mystical art from around the world. Step into this oasis amidst the bustle of La Candelaria where a simple coffee could take you on a magical journey into other worlds.
Los Nadie

Los Nadie

This film is inspired by Medellín and shows the daily lives of the real people who are part of every city, those who are sustained by the traffic lights and the busy roads and who, in turn, are themselves just one more element in the busy urban landscape.
El nombre, Bogotá theatre

Theatre September; El nombre, Mi media naranja and Kassandra

El nombre Vicente is a successful man, who has just turned 40 and is about be a father for the first time. His sister and...
Bogotá Galleries

Galleries September

Sin Nombre Diego Mendoza and Jerónimo Villa’s exhibition came about from a fortuitous encounter when they discovered that they were both working with ideas around...
Motels Bogotá

Finding room for love motels

September is the mes del amor y la amistad in Colombia, and it’s the ideal time for anyone living here to share their true feelings. If those are feelings of love, Linda Gómez is on hand with an unusual guide to places that might surprise that special someone in your life.
Estereo Picnic 2017

Entertainment news September

An exclusive pre-sale for the eighth edition of the Estéreo Picnic festival went on sale on September 5. The 2017 event will be held on March 23, 24 and 25.
Oktoberfest Bogotá

Oktoberfest: Homage to Bavaria

One of the most famous festivals anywhere in the world (possibly because it largely revolves around beer), Oktoberfest is nearly upon us, Juliana Gómez finds out where to have some beer-fuelled fun in Bogotá.
Alejandro Ordóñez

Attorney General Ordóñez ordered out

Colombia’s controversial Attorney General has been removed from his position. The state council ruled that Ordóñez's re-election to Attorney General in November 2012 had been illegal, triggering his immediate departure.
Homeless Bogotá, Bronx Bogotá

Homeless crisis in Bogotá

Fiscalía to investigate alleged poisoning and disappearances of homeless while residents complain of violence, attacks and robberies after the Bronx raids.
Natalia Ponce

Natalia Ponce attacker gets 21 years in jail

On September 9, the man who threw acid in the face of Natalia Ponce was found guilty of attempted murder in landmark ruling.