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Spanish and English

Common confusions

It’s easy to mix up words that sound similar in Spanish and English but have completely different meanings, Oliver Pritchard explains
Bonanza Marimbera

Remembering the Bonanza Marimbera

John Bartlett looks into the abandoned boats that serve as a lingering reminder of the Bonanza Marimbera, bringing an era of violence and organised crime – and with it vast wealth – to Colombia’s arid north.
Colombia police code

New order: New police code

Large scale changes to procedures raise the question of whether the new police code will encourage civic responsibility or lead to increased corruption and abuses, writes Laura Sharkey.
Chicaque National Park

Chicaque: A walk in the clouds

At Chicaque Nature Reserve, Just south of Bogotá, fresh air, nature, and birds provide a welcome escape from the city, writes Laura Brown.
Colombian peace process, transitional zones

Ending Colombia’s conflict: Facts and fears about transitional zones

Veronika Hoelker explains why previous failed transitional zones agreements have made people cautious, as well as what’s different in the latest deal.
Colombia coca production

Curbing coca production

In the first of a two part series, Siddharth Mohan examines the resurgent coca production industry in Colombia. This edition focuses on the plight of the country’s coca farmers.
Colombian peace agreement

Colombian peace process: A farewell to arms

As negotiators in Havana make more irrevocable steps towards peace, Julia Lledín Vitos from the Comité Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CPDH) breaks down the details.
Bogotá Pride parade 2016

Rainbow over the Pride parade rainbows

On July 3, rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the tens of thousands of people gathered in the centre of the city for this year’s Pride celebrations. And as the thousands reached Plaza Bolivar, light showers met the sunshine and rewarded the throngs with their very own rainbow.
Sing Street, IndieBo 2016

IndieBo: Independence for everyone

With the capital’s inclusive independent film festival, IndieBo, set to get underway Milagros Oliveros explores what is on offer.
Bar Crawl Bogotá

Bar crawl Bogotá: Called to the bar

One night. Thirty people. Four bars. $70,000. And just one question: Which drinking game to play. The Bogotá Post team join the city’s newest bar crawl.

Entertainment news roundup: July

The second half of 2016 sees a number of massive names coming to the capital, confirming Bogotá’s place as one of Latin America’s top destinations on the music circuit. Aerosmith will make their third trip to Colombia – after a five year absence – on September 29.
copa libertadores

Copa Libertadores finals crosses Liga Águila season start

The start of this season’s league is not top of Atlético Nacional’s interests right now, as they have a chance of a Copa Libertadores victory. However in Barrancabermeja, Alianza Petrolera and Nacional recorded a spectacular 3-3 to start the season.
Colombia Cricket, Medellín Cricket Club

Medellín Cricket Club takes national cricket crown

An impeccable bowling display helped Medellín Cricket Club take victory in June’s national cricket championships just outside Bogotá to earn the well-deserved title of Colombian champions for the second time.
La Niña

La Niña warnings

The IDEAM, Colombia’s meteorology institute, has warned that there is a 76% risk that a severe La Niña will hit the country at the end of this year.
Colombia Venezuela Border

Venezuela: Thousands take advantage of temporary border opening

On Sunday, July 10, 35,000 people crossed the Simón Bolívar bridge from Venezuela to Colombia and returned laden with essential foodstuffs and medicine.
environmental activists deaths

Worst year for environmental activists deaths

‘On Dangerous Ground’, an investigation by independent human rights agency Global Witness, says that 26 environmental activists were killed in Colombia last year, putting it...