Fito Páez, FILBo 2017

FILBo 2017 in review

For two weeks, the city was awash with letters and words – spoken, written and even painted on walls – of all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of languages. With talks, book signings, music and a host of cultural celebrations, our team scurried from pavilion to post to bring you the best of FILBo 2017.
Catedral Primada de Colombia and Capilla del Sagrario

Bogotá churches

Colombia's capital is home to some amazing buildings if you know where to look, and among the best of the city’s hidden architectural gems are in the form of its many religious buildings.
What the Wayuu Know

Wayuu to the Misak: Colombia’s indigenous communities at FILBo

For those interested in Colombia’s indigenous communities – like Christopher Outlaw – FILBo 2017 had plenty to offer, from workshops and talks to book launches and content on individual stands.
Diana Uribe FILBo 2017

Diana Uribe – Imagine all the movements

Diana Uribe was one of our top picks at FILBo this year. She was at the fair to discuss the issue of human rights through her talk about countercultures, and to present her latest book, Contracultura.
Olivier Bourdeaut

Olivier Bourdeaut et La Folie

The words of France’s latest literature star, Olivier Bourdeaut sing out like the title of his first book, Waiting for Bojangles. Ángela Forero-Aponte is there to hear from the man himself.
Fito Paez, FILBo 2017

Fito Páez speaks at FILBo 2017

The multi-talented Fito Páez came to FILBo 2017 and spoke about music, films, books and more as Ángela Forero-Aponte found out.
Bogotá Fashion Week

A Look at Bogotá Fashion Week

Local Colombian designers made their mark on the world stage for fashion at Bogotá Fashion Week.

J. M. Coetzee: Animals and the spoken word

Not only did J. M. Coetzee have his FILBo audience enraptured as he read from ‘The Glass Abattoir’ he also played with the forms of lectures, novels and collections of words, inspiring Emma Newbery to ponder the art of reading what you have written.
Emiliano Monge, Daniel Ferreira, FILBo 2017

Two authors, one interest: people and their struggles

Emiliano Monge, the Mexican author, and Colombian Daniel Ferreira spoke at different events during FILBo 2017, but both touched on the struggles faced by ordinary people.
Colombian Institute for the Blind

Colombian Institute for the Blind: Braille-mate

The Colombian Institute for the Blind are running braille workshops at this year’s FILBo as Ángela Forero-Aponte discovers.

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beautician Bogotá

Bogotá Works: Beauticians

In this edition of Bogotá Works, we speak to two young women who devote their days to beauty. Jesi and Paola work as beauticians in a newly opened salon in Chapinero, in their first full-time jobs after training. They tell Laura Sharkey about the highlights and lowlights of life in the salon.
Spanish language

Separated by a common Spanish language

There are so many regional differences when speaking the Spanish language that at times even native speakers get confused. Diana Mejía explains how the variations evolved and what to look out for.
La Niña

La Niña: Life after war

La Niña is a new series which follows the life of a woman trying to escape her past as a guerrilla fighter in a fitting story for Colombia’s current situation. Jazid Contreras speaks to director Rodrigo Triana.
Colombian peace process

Peace process: Constitutional court ruling ‘major obstacle’

Peace process suffers serious blow as constitutional court decides parts of the fast-track mechanism are unconstitutional – opening the way for lengthy debates and potential modifications to the agreement.
LGBT tourism Bogotá

Bogotá: LGBT Tourism Capital

As Bogotá begins to market itself as an emerging capital of LGBT tourism, Christopher Outlaw wonders what exactly ‘LGBT tourism’ means, why it’s worth promoting, and what the city has to offer.
Word families, word building

English word building

Transform your language by learning how to make a noun into a verb and a verb into an adjective. Oliver Pritchard explains that it’s all about getting the beginnings and endings right.

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