El fin de la guerra

Film review: El fin de la guerra

After more than fifty years of conflict, the government of Colombia and the leaders of the FARC gathered in Havana to negotiate a peace deal to finally end the war. This process is portrayed in the documentary film El fin de la guerra, directed by British filmmaker Marc Silver.

AJAZZGO: Cali festival focuses on native talent

Cali’s six day-long annual AJAZZGO festival has a special focus this year, programming a strong contingent of national talent. Colombia's jazz musicians are becoming increasingly well known in jazz strongholds such as New York City and Buenos Aires, as well as throughout their home country.
Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest Returns to Bogotá for 2017

It’s that time of the year again: the world’s most famous booze-up is coming to Bogotá. Get ready beerlovers, as Oktoberfest is back from across the Atlantic and Colombia is set to be cerveza-soaked throughout September and October, with events in every major city to celebrate.

BOmm 2017: Interviews with Canalón de Timbiqui and Maite Hontelé

The capital’s annual music showcase, Bogotá Music Market (BOmm), is the most important event for many artists in Colombia. More than just a show, it provides a useful space for making contacts and networking. We got quotes from some of the movers and shakers.
September in Bogotá

When September comes

September’s busier than a TransMilenio portal at rush hour with plenty of events through the month, from highbrow events like Jazz al Parque and BOmm to more exciting fare in the shape of Incubus. We’ve highlighted three not-to-miss events in the middle of the month. Whatever you choose to do on the 16th of September, it promises to be a cracking day out.
Nicolás Montero

Nicolás Montero: Acting and anthropology

Since February, renowned Colombian actor Nicolás Montero has been the head of one of the country’s most important cultural institutions. The aim is to revive the Teatro Nacional, producing influential content that will enrich the lives of spectators. The the artistic director shares his views on the role of theatre on society and the way that plays can cast our lives in a new light.
Elkin Robinson

Elkin Robinson talking Creole Vibrations

For all his talent, Elkin is not someone who enjoys bathing in the limelight, although he says he’s getting used to it. “I am a person who sits on my back terrace with the sea, the moon and the music. When I’m on stage I don’t want to be no one different from that.” The singer talks to us about Providencia, island life and his latest album Sunshine.
La ciénaga entre el mar y la tierra

La ciénaga entre el mar y la tierra

The inspirational story of La ciénaga entre el mar y la tierra shows us the big possibilities which exist in Colombian cinema to tell new stories that get closer to the reality of many Colombians in a way that is more direct and intimate.
The student

The Student (El Discípulo)

Kirill Serebrennikov’s adaptation of the The Student aims to be a satirical warning about the dangers of the reactionary mentality and a critique of a flawed educational system; but it falls flat and merely reflects the incapacity of people nowadays to understand the complex problems of a broken modernity.


The idea – of the imminence of death – which Christopher Nolan explores throughout his new film, Dunkirk, pedals a notion of war as horrifying and traumatising, but also numbing.