Colombia versus Croatia: Davis Cup in Plaza de Toros la Santamaría

The Plaza de Toros la Santamaría is the stage for the Davis Cup. Between September 15 and 17, Colombia will face Croatia for a...
lasting peace in Colombia

Four steps towards lasting peace in Colombia

Big leap towards lasting peace in Colombia on various fronts, as the ELN declared a historic ceasefire and the FARC held their first congress as a political party.
living in Bogotá

Is living in Bogotá that bad?

According to the annual “Global Liveability Report” from The Economist, living in Bogotá is worse than in many other capitals - ranking 12th out of 15 cities in Latin America.

BOmm 2017: Interviews with Canalón de Timbiqui and Maite Hontelé

The capital’s annual music showcase, Bogotá Music Market (BOmm), is the most important event for many artists in Colombia. More than just a show, it provides a useful space for making contacts and networking. We got quotes from some of the movers and shakers.
Santa Fe de Bogotá

Santa Fe dominates Liga Águila table

Independiente Santa Fe are commanding the table by six points. Los Cardenales show little spectacle, but they have been extremely efficient so far despite being plagued by injury problems for most of the season.
Pope Francis Bogotá

Pope Francis Preaches Peace to Colombians

Pope Francis made a moving speech to the crowds gathered at the presidential palace today, Thursday September 7, in which he acknowledged that the country had come a long way in the peace process but that all Colombians had a role to play in bringing peace.
Pope Francis in Colombia

Land of Pope and glory

Pope Francis is set to visit Colombia next month on a four-day tour which will take him to Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín and Cartagena. He will fly into the capital on September 6 and return to Rome from the coast on the 11th.
draw for Colombia

Falcao earns valuable draw for Colombia

Thanks to Falcao's second-half header against red-hot rivals Brazil, an excellent performance in Barranquilla earned earned a draw for Colombia.
Colombia vs Brazil

Colombia vs Brazil preview

Into the final furlong with just three still to play, Colombia are nervously looking over their shoulders. Failure to beat already eliminated Venezuela has squeezed the South American qualifying group ever tighter. And, while Colombia currently sit second behind runaway leaders Brazil, they are now just two points from plummeting out of the automatic qualification spots.
ELN Colombia

ELN ceasefire to begin on October 1

On Monday September 4, negotiators in Quito announced that the government and the ELN have agreed to a bilateral ceasefire. It is the first time that the ELN have agreed to such a ceasefire, which will come into effect on October 1 and run until January 12, 2018.
FARC-EP, FARC Colombia

FARC swap rifles for roses

With a new name, though the same acronym, the FARC - now the Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común - elected the party leadership and launched their new logo: a red rose.

Basic Spanish sentence structures

Building basic Spanish sentence structures in is actually quite simple, and helped by the fact that neither negative nor interrogative forms require much modification to the overall structure. We’ve got the building blocks you need to help you with your basic sentence structures so you can form affirmative, negative and basic questions whenever you need.
English word order

English language: New Word Order

One of the big differences between English and Spanish is word order, which is the order that we say, or write words. Different languages have different ideas about this. We look at some of the basic points and problems to remember.
September in Bogotá

When September comes

September’s busier than a TransMilenio portal at rush hour with plenty of events through the month, from highbrow events like Jazz al Parque and BOmm to more exciting fare in the shape of Incubus. We’ve highlighted three not-to-miss events in the middle of the month. Whatever you choose to do on the 16th of September, it promises to be a cracking day out.
Carnaval del Maíz del Trueque y del Perdón

Carnaval del Maíz, del Trueque y del Perdón

What if we moulded a micro-utopia with our hands? What if we built an immense bridge, which united both the city and the countryside in a deeply polarised society? What if we showcased the values and virtues of rural Colombia? These questions provided the backbone for an inspired weekend in Choachí, Cundinamarca, the Carnaval del Maíz, del Trueque y del Perdón.
Cali Colombia, El Gato del Río

Getting stuck into Cali

Colombia’s third largest city moves at a different pace to the bigger and busier Bogotá, or the more modern and refined Medellín. Best known for its vibrant dance scene, often referred to as the salsa capital, the city has much more to offer such as food, architecture, parks and museums.