Spanish Tildes

Tildes got you stressed out?

Tildes confuse a fair few Colombians, so it’s no wonder that learners often have a lot of trouble with these little marks. Diana Mejía explains how you can learn to love these insouciant little flicks above vowels.
WTA tour, Mariana Duque-Mariño

WTA tour comes to Bogotá

The WTA tour is about to land in Bogotá for the Claro Open Colsanitas WTA tournament as eleven world top-100 players confirm their presence at the event.
Independiente Santa Fe

Football Shorts April

Colombia back on track for World Cup qualification During the international break in March, Los Cafeteros did great business on their way to the World...
Colombia Venezuela relations

Colombia-Venezuela relations under strain

The already-strained relations between Colombia and Venezuela have deteriorated further in recent weeks with a string of incidents that have put pressure on the two countries.
Transmilenio protests

TransMilenio transport trouble

Thousands of commuters suffer delays as demonstrations against price hikes and poor service cause near collapse of the TransMilenio system.

Emergency relief efforts continue in Mocoa

Four days after the landslide that devastated Putumayo’s capital, Mocoa, the dead are being returned to their families.
venezuela colombia, Venezuelans in Colombia

Turning the tables: Venezuelans in Colombia

As hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans in Colombia try to build new lives, Frank Silva Cardona speaks to some of them about the challenges of starting over.
Mocoa, landslide Colombia

Mocoa: Aftermath of the catastrophic landslide

Colombia finds itself in a state of shock in the aftermath of the catastrophic landslide that has left hundreds of people confirmed dead and devastated the riverside city of Mocoa.
anti-corruption protests, Uribe anti-corruption march

Thousands march against corruption… and the government

Álvaro Uribe’s party called anti-corruption protests for April 1. But, as Miguel Salazar finds out in central Bogotá, the marchers’ motives were mixed.
Mocoa, Putumayo, landslide, derrumbe

At least 193 dead in Mocoa, Putumayo mudslides

The full extent of tragedy from mudslides in Mocoa is still emerging as hundreds are injured after three rivers burst. Phoebe Hopson reports that the death toll is almost two hundred.
TransMilenio Bogotá, Bogotá Metro

Transcending the TransMilenio

Father of the TransMilenio, Mayor Peñalosa, has decided on an elevated metro to complement the overworked mass transit system and relieve it of some pressure. Gerald Barr looks at the history of the system and takes his kids on an adventure.
Jean Arnault

Jean Arnault: Peace implementation needs to be ‘accelerated’

Despite ongoing delays and inconsistencies in the implementation of Colombia’s recent peace deal with the FARC, Jean Arnault, the head of the UN Mission in Colombia, says that all parties involved are determined to continue making progress in order to meet the May 29 disarmament deadline.


In Huellas, Carlos Vergara takes inspiration from Magiacal Realism to weave a uniquely Colombian story.
English language, English connecting phrases

Incidentally speaking… anyway…

It’s often the little things that count - and that’s true for language too. Oliver Pritchard explains some of those in between words and phrases that will make your English language sound more natural.


In Life, the crew of the International Space Station make a find, however they soon find out their discovery might not be what it seems.

Fincruit: A base for business

Some would call it crazy, quitting a job with a six figure salary to come and start a recruitment company in Bogotá, even more so if you know no one and have never lived there. Phoebe Hopson speaks to British-Colombian entrepreneur Pablo Miller, who is ahead of the curve, and determined make shock waves with his innovative company Fincruit.