Estéreo Picnic 2017

Today’s the day the big names come to the Festival Estéreo...

One of the capital’s biggest events, Festival Estéreo Picnic, is just around the corner. This year, The Strokes head the line-up, with stellar support from plenty of renowned international names. Oli Pritchard and Linda Gómez give you everything you need to know for the festival and catch up with some of the Colombian acts preparing to turn up the volume for their appearance at the eighth edition.
The Rolling Ruanas

Rolling Ruanas take centre stage

The Rolling Ruanas manage to seamlessly mix carranga with rock. Ángela Forero-Aponte meets the poncho-clad foursome who take on classics like ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ or ‘Paint it Black’ on traditional Colombian instruments.
Bogotá brunch

Bogotá Brunch

Whether you have countless stories to chat about from the night, week or month before, fancy a catch up with friends or you are just really hungry, brunch is the new buzzword in Bogotá. Laura Sharkey has the lowdown on where to get the best not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch in the city.
Colombia baseball, World Baseball Classics Colombia

World Baseball Classics: Colombia reaches first base

Colombia has a gruelling task ahead of them in their debut participation in the World Baseball Classics, facing tournament favourites Dominican Republic and USA in the pool stage. Frank Silva Cardona explores the newcomer’s possibilities in the tournament.
femicide Colombia, violence against women

Making femicide visible

Isabel Agatón, a human rights lawyer who played an active role in pushing through the femicide law, tells Elly Darkin that the challenge faced by the Colombian government is still a great one.

ANATO-my of tourism

Industry leaders from around the world come together for ANATO in Bogotá to trade secrets and promote products related to travel. Laura Brown reports from the event.
FARC disarmament, FARC Colombia, Colomia peace process

FARC begins disarmament process

March 1 marked a historic step towards a lasting peace as the first FARC members took the ‘irreversible’ step of laying down their weapons.
Colombian presidency, Germán Vargas Lleras, Colombia presidential campaign

2018 Colombian presidential race kicks off

On March 2, with 15 months to go until the presidential elections on May 27 next year, Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras announced that he will step down on March 14 to focus on the presidential campaign.
Gran Colombia Gold Colombia

Gran Colombia Gold threatens USD$700 million lawsuit

The constitutional court has ruled in favour of miners and residents in the town of Marmato, Caldas, by ordering the Canadian company Gran Colombia Gold to perform “prior consultation” with residents before continuing with their open-pit gold-mining operations.
Ismael Enrique Arciniegas Valencia

Colombian executed on drugs charges

72 year old drug mule Ismael Enrique Arciniegas Valencia given lethal injection in China in spite of government efforts.

Get on your FICCI

Cartagena’s International Film Festival celebrates its 57th edition from March 1-6. As the Caribbean city prepares itself to welcome film lovers from around the world, Jazid Contreras gives an overview of the main events and films to watch out for.
Afán, demora, afán and demora

Afán and demora: Hurry up and slow down

Take some time to let Katie Jacoby give you a quick run-down on how to express the two extremes of time, afán and demora, in Colombian Spanish.
Estéreo Picnic 2017

Estéreo Picnic 2017 local lads and ladies

Estéreo Picnic 2017 promises to bring everything to the table. Oli Pritchard and Linda Gómez caught up with some of the national bands preparing to turn up the volume for their appearance at the eighth edition.
phrasal verbs

Praising phrasals: Make sure you know your phrasal verbs

Oliver Pritchard gives an appraisal of phrasal verbs. As one of the most important aspects of the English language, you’ll want to go ahead and take your time to figure out what they mean.
Ask Jazid, dar papaya

Dar papaya leaves a bitter taste

What is it with Colombians and this idea of dar papaya? In Jazid Contreras’s second agony uncle column, he takes a look at this puzzling aspect of life here.
Colombian tax reforms

Colombian tax reforms: How you are affected?

As the new tax reforms come into force, Phoebe Hopson finds out why the government has pushed through politically unpopular measures and what you need to know to make sure you successfully adapt to the changes.