Festival Estéreo Picnic 2017

Estéreo Picnic 2017: The final act

Musical worlds combined on the final day at this year’s Festival Estéreo Picnic 2017. The beats of the DJs led revellers late into the night and the traditional sounds of gaitas and tamboras entranced earlier on. Linda Gómez is on the scene.
Festival Estéreo Picnic

Festival Estéreo Picnic: A day to remember

Linda Gómez is at the second day of the Festival Estéreo Picnic, the attendees braved mud, rain, anxiety and despair, as they waited for the band that for many perhaps had been their motivation for buying the ticket: The Strokes.
Estéreo Picnic 2017

Estéreo Picnic 2017, Damp but not Dampened

Estéreo Picnic 2017 revellers were delighted by the performances and undeterred by the rain, as Linda Gómez discovered.
Gym Bogotá, Gym routine Bogotá

Gym routine: Keeping the motivation

Struggling to stay on track with your new year’s resolution to get fit? Siddharth Mohan speaks to some experts about the world of fitness, your gym routine, and how to stay motivated.
Hiking Bogotá, Quebrada Las Delicias, Quebrada La Vieja, Bogotá´s Mountain trails

Hiking Bogotá: The hills are alive with the sound of walkers!

Having a huge forest reserve right on the edge of the city makes for some excellent hill walking. Gerald Barr is on hand with a guide to hiking Bogotá mountain trails.
trust in Colombia, Colombia peace process

Making Colombians trust again

If you’ve lived in Colombia long enough, you will have heard locals say that you can’t trust anyone here and that you need to be cautious (no des papaya!). Veronika Hoelker and Julia Lledín examine the importance of trust and confidence-building measures in the post-agreement phase.
San Andrés and Providencia

San Andrés and Providencia: A tale of two islands

San Andrés and Providencia are reputed to be some of Colombia’s finest coastal destinations. Oli Pritchard discovers some of the highs and lows that the these two ocean pearls have to offer.
Víctor Gaviria

Víctor Gaviria: The art of capturing reality

Legendary filmmaker Víctor Gaviria describes how real words can be more powerful than any script as Milagros Oliveros Córdoba finds out more about his journey.
Víctor Gavíria, La mujer del animal

La mujer del animal: The hidden animal among us

The lead actors from Víctor Gavíria’s latest film, La mujer del animal, speak to Carolina Morales about the process and their hopes for the new release.


Andrei Konchalovsky’s latest creation, Paradise, is not exactly a crowd pleaser, but it definitely offers a new way of retelling World War II.
Gael García Bernal, Desierto


Mexican writer-director Jonás Cuarón brings us on a roller coaster ride in Desierto.
AGC Colombia,Colombian paramilitaries

Communities suffer in post-conflict violence

As Colombian paramilitaries continue to threaten rural communities, Emma Newbery reports on the increasing turmoil.
Heroicos, Yuberjen Martínez, Colombia boxing

Colombia boxes clever to beat titleholders

The Colombian Heroicos boxing team caused a huge upset by beating current titleholders Cuba Domadores 3-2 in the third outing of the World Series of Boxing.
Tatiana Calderón

Formula Tatiana Calderón

Tatiana Calderón takes Colombia back to Formula One as she signs a contract with Team Sauber as a development driver for 2017.
Independiente Medellín

Football Shorts March

Leading the pack at the moment is Independiente Medellín. The side, who will start their Copa Libertadores campaign next week, are on track to make the top eight
ELN negotiations, colombia peace process

ELN negotiations: One step forward, two steps back

Talks have finally started with Colombia’s second largest guerrilla group, but the first weeks of negotiations have been marred by attacks. Emily Hastings finds out more.