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Saffron-crowned tanager ( yellow head and blue body)

Bird tourism in Colombia takes flight — as threats to vital...

Caption: Saffron-crowned tanager — Photo courtesy of Pedro Arturo Camargo Martinez, Biologist with Asociación Calidris At sunrise last...

Guzmán: Colombia’s forgotten history of peace

Colombians negotiated a landmark peace agreement that slowly crumbled as the State was unable to live up to its promise of economic...
Indigenous communities in Cauca are now in their 18th day of protest against the government.

Guzmán: Why they won’t stop protesting in Cauca

March for the defense of the JEP, Special Jurisdiction for peace in Spanish. Protestants march against the objections made by...
Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)

Guzmán: The opposition will be defeated if it doesn’t unite

Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) Photo courtesy of Oficina de prensa JEP Duque’s objections to the JEP presented...

The Inauguration of Nicolas Maduro according to Twitter

Nicolas Maduro speaking to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in February 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Venezuelan government)

A crosshair on their backs: the seemingly unstoppable crisis behind the...

The killings of social leaders continue unabated in Colombia. The assailants and motives behind the killings vary...

5 Key Tips for Starting a Landscaping Business

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10 Key Tips for Starting a Graphic Design Company in 2019

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Colombia vs Paraguay, already qualified Colombia without Ospina in final group...

Colombia, who are already group winners after their impeccable group stage so far, takes on Paraguay in the final game of group B. David Ospina is not available and we could see more reserve players getting game time as there is little on the cards for Colombia this match.

Film review: Homo Botanicus

The science of botany in Guillermo Quintero's documentary Homo Botanico – a well-paced and intimate portrayal of a botanist and his apprentice.

A decade of BAM: Breaking borders with Bogotá Audiovisual Market

Leaders in the audiovisual sector celebrate the industry's development so far, and look forward to BAM 2019, this time with Italy as the guest of honour.

11 Best Marketing Sites for Business Marketing and Strategy

These marketing sites can help you improve your marketing plan on a daily basis.

Colombia vs Qatar: Colombia look to wrap up a quarterfinal spot...

The 2-0 victory against Argentina in the opening game of the Copa América has raised hopes among Colombian football fans of winning their second ever Copa América title, but first, the second game of the group stage for Colombia, vs Qatar.

Top 10 Must-Have Items Every Startup Needs

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The new Cinemateca is open

The new Cinemateca takes watching movies in Bogotá to another level. the old Cinemateca Distrital has got a facelift with a new name, new location and plenty of new facilities.

What to Do When It Seems Your Credit Score Dropped for...

Credit score dropped for no reason? Look at these things to try and figure out the cause and get your score back on track.

Reach Your Customers: 5 Reasons You Need Direct Response Copy Writing

Direct response copy writing may just be the key to helping you reach your customer base. Here's how.

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What Is a Pay Stub? 5 Reasons Why They Are Crucial...

What is a pay stub? A pay stub includes information both employers and employees can use and they are essential to your small business.

Instead of avoiding it, use translation tricks to improve your English

If you’ve been told you should never translate when learning English, forget it…instead use your Spanish efficiently and smartly.

Graffiti culture in Bogotá: From the streets to the gallery

In recent years the city’s vibrant graffiti scene has caught the attention of collectors, and artists are creating galleries like Visaje to show their work.