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Heal the world

Arhuaco spiritual leader, el mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo Arroyo, speaks about his mission to create a greater consciousness towards the planet.
Study in Canada

Study in Canada: Pathway to success

What are the most important things to consider if you want to study in Canada? Here at the London Language Institute, we’ve been working with students from all around the world for the past 20 years, so we know that with a bit of planning you can transform a great experience into an extraordinary one.

The Santa Fe film festival strikes a chord with ‘Candelaria’ director

Jhonny Hendrix engages attendees for a discussion about his artistic process. Photo: Jordan Jones. Last week Sante Fe...

BLAA musical director Mauricio Peña: Music for the masses

Mauricio Peña, the musical director of the BLAA, tells us about how they work to make music affordable and go beyond the classical.
CredibanCo’s DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion

Pay in your own currency right here in Colombia

CredibanCo’s DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion lets you to pay in your own currency in Colombia and with no nasty surprises when you get home.

Notes on a financial panic that never was

Last week there was quite a bit of noise regarding an ongoing campaign to boycott Grupo AVAL, the...

Lucha Libre is fighting for a comeback in Colombia

High-flying maneuvers, a roaring audience and lots and lots of spandex: Lucha Libre--Latin America's answer to professional wrestling--may seem to outsiders to fall anywhere...

Colombia’s Most Valuable Beer Is Actually…Belgian

Aguila is steadily climbing the ranks as the bona fide beer brand of Colombia. The business valuation company, Brand Finance, deemed the beer famous...
Francisco José de Caldas

Mapping the life of Caldas, a Colombian superhero

'Ojos en el Cielo, Pies en la Tierra' at the Museo Nacional focuses on the astronomical and map making skills of Francisco José de...
Female genital mutilation

Cutting danger: Female genital mutilation

While it is more commonly associated with parts of Africa, female genital mutilation (FGM) is a practice that has taken hold in select communities...
campin car park

City council scores with car park recovery

After decades of wrangling, the city finally regains control of Campín car park, with revenues of up to 30 million pesos on big match days.

Opinion: Enemies of the Documentary

Margarita Martinez’s 90-minute documentary “La Negociación” shows the humanity involved during the peace process between the Government and the FARC in the words of...
Leo Kopp

The sounds of Leo Kopp in Bogotá

Amongst the tombs and gravestones of Cementerio Central stands a bronze statue of the German Jewish founder of Colombian brewing giant Bavaria, Leo Kopp. Now a mecca for locals desperate for miracles, it was also the centrepiece for a new project from sound artist Diana Restrepo and visual artist Nina Bendzko.
post conflict

Post Conflict: ‘War doesn’t distinguish faces, hearts, or skin colour’

We hear from Marcos, who joined the FARC at 18, who tells us in his own words about what peace means for him.

Left in the war’s wake: 3D printing new limbs for Colombia’s...

José Asprilla's arm ends where his new hand begins. The double amputee bends his right arm, carefully watching the prosthetic hand clutch and release...
post conflict

Post Conflict: ‘One fewer weapon in the wrong hands makes for...

Two years of post conflict: Yolanda works as a human rights social justice leader and is rebuilding her life after tragedy hit her family several times.