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Saffron-crowned tanager ( yellow head and blue body)

Bird tourism in Colombia takes flight — as threats to vital...

Caption: Saffron-crowned tanager — Photo courtesy of Pedro Arturo Camargo Martinez, Biologist with Asociación Calidris At sunrise last...

Guzmán: Colombia’s forgotten history of peace

Colombians negotiated a landmark peace agreement that slowly crumbled as the State was unable to live up to its promise of economic...
Indigenous communities in Cauca are now in their 18th day of protest against the government.

Guzmán: Why they won’t stop protesting in Cauca

March for the defense of the JEP, Special Jurisdiction for peace in Spanish. Protestants march against the objections made by...
Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)

Guzmán: The opposition will be defeated if it doesn’t unite

Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) Photo courtesy of Oficina de prensa JEP Duque’s objections to the JEP presented...

The Inauguration of Nicolas Maduro according to Twitter

Nicolas Maduro speaking to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in February 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Venezuelan government)

A crosshair on their backs: the seemingly unstoppable crisis behind the...

The killings of social leaders continue unabated in Colombia. The assailants and motives behind the killings vary...

Viva Air Labs Introduces First Batch of Inaugural Advisory Board and...

This week Viva Air Labs, founded by Clyde Hutchinson, is introducing its first batch of inaugural Advisory...

Colombian underwater rugby on a high: Throwing in the deep

underwater rugby is a somewhat obscure sport, but in Colombia they are taking it very serious, claiming World Championships medals for both men and women.

The Most Recent Drum Heating Alternative

Over the years, there have been a number of different methods implemented to keep products warm inside barrels, the most common of which being band heaters.

My first SOFA

Five highlights from a first-timer at SOFA 2019 - the event's tenth anniversary edition. There's LEGO, medieval sword-fighting and plenty more.

Bogotá International Film Festival: Getting BIFF-y

BIFF has built a reputation for interesting, quirky, and above all, excellent cinema. Last year, there were 60 different films showing at cinemas throughout the city, and we can expect even more for their fifth birthday. From October 10 to 16.

Top uses of diamond other than being used in the Jewelry...

Diamond is commonly used as a gemstone in jewelry. However, this stone can be used for industrial purposes and numerous operations.

Soaring through SOFA

SOFA, Bogotá's annual geekfest, always has a lot to offer. We help you to find the best at this year's fair.

SOFA 2019: Ten years on the SOFA

SOFA, Colombia’s leading festival dedicated to all things geek is a decade old and promises to be bigger and better than ever. This weekend in Bogotá.

N. Hardem, leader of the new school

N. Hardem's latest hip hop album combines heavy-hitting beats with a tribal ambience.

Colombian water issues discussed at international media workshop

Photo by Jayantika Kutty Journalists and water experts convened in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 23 and 24 for...

Colombia Connection: UK Rules, OK?

From environmental collaboration to commercial connections, ties between Colombia and the UK are flourishing.

Bogotá: the city shakes to the beat of Aainjaa drums

Aainjaa, an innovative Bogotá dance and drumming movement, brings batucada to Colombia and beyond. We talk to founder Homero Cortés.

How to pay taxes in Colombia as a foreigner

To know whether you need to pay taxes in Colombia, you need to know if you count as a resident. And fiscal residency is very different from visa residency.

The Best Wedding Dress for Your Flower Girl

Photo: Wikimedia Toronto can be an exciting place to live in. It has a population of almost three million people....

Reasons To Seriously Consider Estate Planning

Photo: Pixabay If you understand estate planning, then you should also be aware of the different benefits one...
Mundial de salsa competition

Cali celebrates its 14th Edition of the Mundial de Salsa

Competing pareja onstage at Coliseo El Pueblo (image courtesy of From September 24 to 29, Cali celebrated...