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Saffron-crowned tanager ( yellow head and blue body)

Bird tourism in Colombia takes flight — as threats to vital...

Caption: Saffron-crowned tanager — Photo courtesy of Pedro Arturo Camargo Martinez, Biologist with Asociación Calidris At sunrise last...

Guzmán: Colombia’s forgotten history of peace

Colombians negotiated a landmark peace agreement that slowly crumbled as the State was unable to live up to its promise of economic...
Indigenous communities in Cauca are now in their 18th day of protest against the government.

Guzmán: Why they won’t stop protesting in Cauca

March for the defense of the JEP, Special Jurisdiction for peace in Spanish. Protestants march against the objections made by...
Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)

Guzmán: The opposition will be defeated if it doesn’t unite

Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) Photo courtesy of Oficina de prensa JEP Duque’s objections to the JEP presented...

The Inauguration of Nicolas Maduro according to Twitter

Nicolas Maduro speaking to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in February 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Venezuelan government)

A crosshair on their backs: the seemingly unstoppable crisis behind the...

The killings of social leaders continue unabated in Colombia. The assailants and motives behind the killings vary...

Bagazal: bring on the bulldozers

City authorities are at last tackling illegal luxury houses in Bogotá's eastern hills as the bulldozers move in to Bagazal.

Film review: Monos

Monos tells the story of a group of guerrilla bandits who must face the many threats that come from outside their community as well as within it.

Flying high: Annual Kite Festival of Villa de Leyva

The Kite Festival in Villa de Leyva runs this weekend from Saturday to Monday and has several activities from 9am each day.

5 recommendations to make the most of the Petronio Álvarez festival

How to make the best of the Petronio Álvarez pacific music festival? Read these recommendations and avoid any surprises in Cali.

Founders of iconic Carmen Restaurant introduce Medellin steakhouse Don Diablo

For those still lamenting the lack of a superior steakhouse in Medellin, the recently opened Don Diablo...

Jaime Garzón: The day the laughter stopped

Jaime Garzón was assassinated on the streets of Bogotá 20 years ago today. Here we remember Colombia’s best-loved – and deeply missed – comedian.
El Testigo documentary armed conflict Colombia

British filmmaker offers a “meditation on forgiveness” in documentary on Colombian...

Kate Horne and Jesús Abad Colorado. British documentary filmmaker Kate Horne’s latest documentary film The...

Creative industries: Interview with Hugo Heppell, Head of Investments at Screen...

In a series of interviews with some of the UK's leading lights in the creative industry, we spoke to Hugo Heppell, Head of Investments at Screen Yorkshire.

Petronio Álvarez music festival: Sounds of the pacific

This year’s Petronio Álvarez Festival is a celebration of all things Pacific that will take place in Cali from August 14 to 19.

11 top Bogotá restaurants to try this year

When it comes to dining out, Bogotá has something for everyone - whether you want fine dining and equally fine cocktails or some top notch Colombian fare.

Bringing clean water to Quibdó through rainwater harvesting

Water, water everywhere…but not a lot to drink. Despite being on the rainiest places on the planet, Colombia’s Chocó department has a serious lack of clean water. Here's how one group are working to fix it.

1819 – 2019: 200 years of Colombia

Colombia has had a rollercoaster 200 years of history. Check out some key moments…

The Great Hack: Who pays the

Netflix documentary The Great Hack has put the spotlight on data mining and social media manipulation in Colombia.

Llanero music heroes, Cimarrón, talk about their new album

Cimarrón, the group who brought joropo music to the global stage, recently released their new album, Orinoco. There’s also a new video for one of the songs on the album, ‘Tonada de La Palomita’, filmed high up in the Cerros de Mavecure.

Medellín ‘dating academy’ draws ire from feminist sphere

In the last two decades, the city of eternal spring has struggled to change its international image...

Monsieur Periné and others: Live from the stage to your screen

Bogota’s Teatro Mayor is broadcasting a live stream of 10 of its top artistic performances via the platform TeatroDigital, which can be accessed from all corners of the world.