Pro Christmas opinion, CHristmas list

We’re crackling over Christmas

Like it or lump it, Christmas is a major event in the calendar year. We listen to both sides of the argument with two people who share very differing views on the festive period
Colombian Peace Process

Colombian peace: Havana is just part of the picture

Lucas Peña explains that the peace process is crucial but it is not the only step on the path to peace.
Transmilenio Bogota, Female only Transmilenio

A Senseless Solution?

Jenny Boyle expresses her opinions about the recently implemented trial of women-only Transmilenio sections. The Transmilenio debate has opened up a nasty can of worms...
Colombian environmental catastrophies

Putumayo: Oil, war, water and all that’s to come

Faye Griffiths points out that while condemning the environmental catastrophe in Putumayo, we should also spare a thought for the equivalent catastrophes caused by our day to day lives.

A series of knee-jerk reactions

Continuing our coverage from the fallout of the Hebdo massacre, our outspoken columnist Oli Pritchard finds himself in the unusual position of being the voice of reason
Gustavo Petro Bogotá

All in the family

While some might say that questionable connections are a part of political life, Mike Mackenna argues that Gustavo Petro gave special treatment to his in-laws and their connections at the expense of the city.
Gustavo Petro Bogota Mayor

On trial: Gustavo Petro

On Trial is a Bogotá Post feature in which we will put someone or something from the Colombian news “on trial”, trying to explain the perspective of both their fans and their critics. In this edition we put on trial the outgoing Bogotá mayor Gustavo Petro.
Colombia International Criminal COurt

Colombia and the International Criminal Court: Time for a rethink?

Dr David Hoile argues that Colombia should review its membership of an institution that finds itself unable to credibly respond to allegations of selectivity, racism, incompetence and impotence.

Being gay at an Opus Dei

Francisco González is proud of his education, but less so of his university’s views Based on the premise that any private university is entitled to...
Sri Lanka

What can Colombia learn from Sri Lanka?

Siddharth Mohan draws interesting conclusions between Colombia and Sri Lanka regarding the end of a longstanding conflict on the other side of the world.