water routes

Water route Cundinamarca: water way to have a good time

Following water routes is a great way to immerse yourself in the history and nature that have also flowed downstream over the ages. 
Peña de Juaica

Bogotá hiking: Peña de Juaica

Hikers wanting to escape the crowds in Bogotá’s popular Cerros Orientales can head to La Peña de Juaica, an imposing rocky outcrop set in the lush hills between Tenjo and Tabio, an hour’s travel west of Bogotá.
El Caguán

Travel off the beaten track: Into El Caguán

Once called “Farclandia,” the El Caguán river basin in southern Colombia is becoming more of an area to be explored and enjoyed for its natural beauty than a dark place to be feared. Chris Bell takes us on his birdwatching trip through this area
Cali Colombia, El Gato del Río

Getting stuck into Cali

Colombia’s third largest city moves at a different pace to the bigger and busier Bogotá, or the more modern and refined Medellín. Best known for its vibrant dance scene, often referred to as the salsa capital, the city has much more to offer such as food, architecture, parks and museums.
Joyas Colombianas Dinner & Show

Joyas Colombianas Dinner & Show: A spin through Colombian heritage

Joyas Colombianas Dinner & Show, a dinner and dance show in La Candelaria that promises to showcase the splendours of Colombian traditional music is an enjoyable appetiser for Colombian heritage for new arrivals to the country.
Tour de Fantasmas Bogotá

Tour de Fantasmas Bogotá

La Candelaria has seen its fair share of gruesome tales, making its streets the ideal location for the Tour de Fantasmas – a spooky ghost tour that winds its way through the historic streets of the centre. Delving into the world of evil and troubled spirits is certainly a different and very enjoyable way to spend a Friday night. 
Nevado del Tolima, Páramo Colombia, Hiking Colombia

Nevado del Tolima: High above the clouds

The gruelling hike through jungle, páramo and finally ice to reach the top of one of Colombia’s highest peaks, the Nevado del Tolima, is not for the faint-hearted, but well worth it.
Casanare Colombia

Mi Casanare es su Casanare

Casanare is not at the top of many people’s lists when it comes to Colombian departments. Colombia’s wild wild east is chock-full of capybaras, caiman and other animals, as well as spectacular scenery and generous servings of meat, as Oliver Pritchard discovers.
La Mesa food tour Bogotá

La Mesa: A tasty way to experience Bogotá

With the number of holidaymakers visiting Colombia growing rapidly every year, it is no surprise that food tours are fast becoming one of the top things to do. Laura Brown visits La Mesa and looks at some of what’s on offer.
LGBT tourism Bogotá

Bogotá: LGBT Tourism Capital

As Bogotá begins to market itself as an emerging capital of LGBT tourism, Christopher Outlaw wonders what exactly ‘LGBT tourism’ means, why it’s worth promoting, and what the city has to offer.