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El Piedra

Film Review: El Piedra

Despite revolving around the world of boxing, El Piedra doesn’t follow the classic sports story trope. Rather, the movie is a character-driven drama about facing responsibilities and overcoming obstacles.

ARTBO weekend: A weekend exploring the city’s arts scene

During the latest edition of ARTBO: Fin de Semana, 67 exhibition spaces throughout the city will open their doors for free.

Rami Ismail in BGQ 2019

Dutch video game developer, Rami Ismail, co-founder of Vlambeer tells us that the Colombian games industry shares a lot, which is one of the reasons for its success.

A different way to see peace

Click Arte's books aim to bring children closer to their country, telling stories of communities who were able to use talks and agreement to move past conflict.

ECM Records: Between Sound and Space

"The music of ECM is like a physical substance and it creates spaces that we can inhabit."

Still Living in Bogotá

The second edition of the guide book-cum-directory, Living in Bogotá, is hot off the press

FILBo: Patients and patience in the Colombian healthcare system

Paciente focuses on the experience of one woman as she deals with both her daughter’s cancer and bureaucracy and inefficiency in the Colombian healthcare system.

Memorias de un hijueputa: Fernando…ah, Fernando!

Fernando Vallejo shows the FILBo audience yet again that he has no filter as he aims his acerbic words at several of the country’s politicians.

Where to get a coffee at FILBo 2019

Wherever your literary interests lie, the sheer enormity of books, talks and events on offer at FILBo will leave you footsore and in need of a pitstop. A guide to your Corferias caffeine fix

Calle y Poché: homegrown Youtubers top the FILBo bill

Calle y Poché, two twenty-something Colombianas who have garnered over 6 million subscribers. They have just released their first book Si, Si es Contigo.