FARC Colombia, FARC Transitional Zones, FARC Zonas Verdes

FARC celebrates new era

For over five decades, the longest running insurrection in the western hemisphere, the FARC-EP, have opposed the Colombian state. However, with peace about to become a reality, their 53rd birthday was their last as an armed group. The Bogotá Post were lucky enough to be invited to the celebrations and see what the future might hold.
Leo Rua, Día de la Afrocolombianidad, Afro-Colombian Day

Día de la Afrocolombianidad – Turning the tables on race

Let’s suppose that the world’s history was the other way round and we were to celebrate – not Día de la Afrocolombianidad – but a Día de la Eurocolombianidad (Colombians of European descent) instead.
Top 10 Places to Work in Latin America

The Bogotá Post presents its 2020 Best Places To Work In...

Although it’s just over half way through, 2020 has been far from a normal working year. As...
SIPT Transmilenio Bogota

Moving forward

On September 2, the SITP announced the completion of work to ensure that all travel cards would work in all stations. The final turnstile changes,...
La Guajira Colombia, desalination

Desalination: well worth its salt

With La Guajira hit by severe droughts, Simon West visits a community that is harnessing the sun and the sea to provide water desalination...

Coronavirus hits Colombian prison population hard

Critics say the government’s response to early warnings about the spread of COVID-19 in Colombian prisons was too little, too late.