Colombia False Positives

The Colonel and the false positives

On August 13, the Fourth Criminal Court of Medellin sentenced Lieutenant Colonel Beismarck Salamanca Nempeque to 58 years in prison for his role in the murder of five civilians in a “false positives” case.
Colombian marijuana laws, Colombia marijuana

‘20 marijuana plants is not a crime’

On August 11, the Supreme Court ordered the immediate release from house arrest of a man who had been held since December 2014.

Gabo’s ashes coming to Cartagena

The final resting place of Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, who died in Mexico in 2014, will be the city of Cartagena, local authorities...

Peace Process Latest:

ELN to begin peace talks Semana reports that talks between ELN and the government could begin in September in Ecuador after a 14 month exploratory...

Rodent Arepas

Authorities continue to find unsatisfactory conditions for food sold on the streets of Bogota, sparking concern for the health of citizens. Fly-infested fruits and traces...
Festival de la Feijoa

Festival de la Feijoa in Tibasosa, Boyaca

Boyaca’s Festival de la Feijoa pays tribute to the fruit in its many forms. Chris Erb gets involved... The humble, unassuming feijoa, little known and...
Cali Colombia


Cali often gets overlooked on the tourist trail in favour of larger cities like Bogota or Medellin, or the more popular coastal stops, despite having a great deal to offer visitors.
IMF Colombia

Colombia and the IMF

Kieran Duffy takes a look at the relationship between Colombia and the IMF – and a time when tens of thousands took to the...

Sergey Bubka: ‘I am sure Cali 2015 inspired thousands of Colombian...

Freek Huigen catches up with IAAF Presidential hopeful, Sergey Bubka For many people here, the main draw of the upcoming IAAF Athletics World Championships in...
Government sells Isagen

Blowing a fuse over Isagen

In a trend no one could have predicted, pawn shop based reality shows like Pawn Stars have taken over your television. Mike Mackenna asks why Santos is selling off the state’s crown jewel.
Colombian Football League

Colombian Football: Liga Aguila part 2 underway

Fernando ‘El Pecoso’ Castro, manager of reigning champions Deportivo Cali, has set the stage for another interesting season in the Liga Aguila as Colombia’s...
Colombian Slang, Colombian Spanish

Safe word

As we continue learning vocabulary related to all areas of life in Bogota, we can’t avoid the topic of crime and safety, Katie Jacoby makes sure you have your wits and your words about you...
Doing business in Colombia

Colombia: Land of opportunity?

Laura Sharkey speaks to Oliver Wack, senior analyst at Control Risks global risk consultancy, to discuss some of the biggest investment risks and...
Cali world youth championships

Cali impresses with IAAF World Youth Championships

The world of athletics shimmied to the beat of salsa this month as the sporting heroes of the future gathered in Cali for the...

Museum of forgetting

Oliver Pritchard explores ideas of memory and forgetfulness with curator Cristina Lleras Who, what, where, when The Museo Efimero de Olvido brings together 46 projects...
Colombian environmental catastrophies

Putumayo: Oil, war, water and all that’s to come

Faye Griffiths points out that while condemning the environmental catastrophe in Putumayo, we should also spare a thought for the equivalent catastrophes caused by our day to day lives.