Where to go: Festivals

BAM, July 13-17, various venues The Bogota Audiovisual Market brings together filmmakers, producers, distributors, agents and television stations to promote the Colombian film industry. The talks...

What to go: Galleries

Escuela de Garaje A series of events, workshops, tours, lectures and discussions that will articulate a participatory and collaborative understanding, with the aim of promoting...

Pride 2015

What we’re marching for Miguel Rueda Sáenz looks at the meaning behind the parade On June 29, thousands of people took to the streets of Bogota...
Copa America 2015

Local festival in Copa América 2015

Santiago de Chile painted the country red after the home nation’s first ever Copa America 2015 win, beating Argentina on penalties. Colombia made an...
Colombian football fans, Colombian fans in Chile

Editorial: Colombia unite! Get yourselves together!

Colombia’s football fans are famous for their passion, but Freek Huigen thinks they need to strike the right note with more anthems they can...

Peace process coming to an end – ‘for good or bad’

As the peace talks reach what the International Crisis Group calls ‘their toughest stretch’, the FARC called a one-month unilateral ceasefire – to begin...
Colombia false positives, Human Rights Watch Colombia false positives report

Army top dogs ‘knew about false positives’

Santos defends army as Human Rights Watch publishes new evidence alleging senior officers were implicated in false positives scandal What are false positives? Between 2002 and...
Colombia coca cultivation, Colombia cocaine production

Coca growth up by 44%

A UN report released on Thursday July 2 revealed that Colombian coca cultivation grew significantly in 2014, and cocaine production saw an even higher increase.
Donald Trump Mexico

On the offensive

Racist clangers over the past few weeks have caused uproar and got under the public’s skin.
marine territory dispute

Colombia, Venezuela in marine territory dispute

Venezuela recently fanned tensions with Colombia by laying claim to a large section of sea off the coast of both countries, local and international media reported.
Jhonathan Flórez

Colombia’s ‘Birdman’ dies in Switzerland

Professional skydiver, base jumper and wingsuit flyer Jhonathan Flórez died in a skydiving accident during training last week Jhonathan Flórez, 32, affectionately known in Colombia as...

Cartoonist’s father first legal euthanasia case

A 79-year-old terminally ill cancer patient was allowed to die last week in Colombia’s first ever legal euthanasia. Ovidio González, the father of renowned Colombian...
English accents

Getting to grips with regional accents in the United Kingdom

Accents are a funny thing, especially in English. Learn about regional variations in the United Kingdom, from Cockney rhyming slang and the Queen’s English, to incomprehensible Scottish and a bit of archaic Yorkshire chat.
Going into business in Colombia

A guide to starting and registering a business in Colombia

Luisa León’s step by step guide to registering your business in Colombia So you’ve decided you want to start your own business in Colombia, you’ve...
Bogota nights out

Nights out

In our newest column we will take a look at some of the great places that the city has to offer. This time we share some of our favourite nights out, whether you’re looking for traditional Colombian vibes, an all-night party or a touch of live music.
Bogota Theatre

Where to go: Theatre

Llegar a Marte Popular comic Andrés López begins his new show Llegar a Marte at the Gimnasio Moderno. Teatro Gimnasio Moderno, Carrera 9 #74-99. Fridays at...