The Art of Science: Humboldt’s Legacy Across Time and Place

The latest exhibition at the Universidad Nacional, 'La naturaleza de las cosas: Humboldt, idas y venidas', explores the impact of the German explorer, Alexander von Humboldt, on contemporary Latin American art.

Making Your Dreamhouse: How to Pay for Your Next Home Project

Whether you're getting ready for repairs or a remodel, you're going to have to pay! Here's everything you need to know about financing your next home project.

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Rodadero beach Santa Marta

Beachside coworking gains traction in Santa Marta

Santa Marta's Rodadero beach. Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos Santa Marta, the bustling port city nestled between the...
Canalon de Timbiquí

Canalón De Timbiqui bring Pacific sounds to Bogotá with new album

Canalon de Timbiquí's new album De mar y río raises awareness about the grave issues threatening communities in the Colombian Pacific.

What is going on with fracking in Colombia?

Photo: Mark Dixon, Flickr Fracking in Colombia has been on hold since the high court declared the potential...

Millonarios miss out on league final after shock defeat against América...

No final in Bogotá after Millonarios conceeds defeat in El Campin at the hands of América de Cali.

Graffiti culture in Bogotá: Street art remembers the missing

Erre and Toxicomano are celebrated grafiteros with artwork all over the city now lending their expertise to a project raising awareness about los desaparecidos. An estimated 83,000 Colombians were forcibly disappeared in the conflict years between 1958 and 2015.

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Graffiti culture in Bogotá: Say it and spray it

A graffiti tour in Bogotá: insights in society, as well as the breadth and breath-taking quality of the graffiti, makes the tour a worthwhile couple of hours, both for visitors and for residents who want to know a little more about what, and who, is colouring the streets of their city.