Child labour persists in Colombia, new report indicates

While the number of children employed illegally in Colombia has dropped by almost 300,000 since 2012, the rate of child labour in rural areas...
Spanish chatting

Spanish chatting: Esk no c txtr :(

Chat away to your heart’s content with our guide to smartphone Spanish chatting.

State of emergency due to floods in Cauca department

At least 4 people are dead and around 27 have been reported injured after La Paila River overflowed yesterday afternoon in the town of...
"Maternity" by Fernando Botero was stolen from the Bartoux gallery.

Man walks out of Paris gallery with $493K sculpture by Fernando...

On Saturday, an unidentified man walked out of the Bartoux Gallery in Paris with a sculpture by Colombian artist Fernando Botero - called Maternity...
indigenous protest

Indigenous groups and Colombian government begin negotiations after a week of...

Talks between indigenous groups and the Colombian government began today in Monterilla, a town located between Cali and Popayan.  After a week of intense protests...
Bilingual receptionist

Bogotá Works: Angélica the bilingual receptionist

How many times have you had an appointment in a company and paid little attention to the person taking your details? Angélica, a bilingual...
weekend breaks

Quick weekend breaks: Arts and craft

Colombia, like most Latin American countries, has its fair share of quaint villages built in the traditional colonial style. Perhaps one of the most colourful is Ráquira, known primarily for its pottery but also bursting with all manner of handicrafts.
Weekend breaks

Quick weekend breaks: A country retreat

As green as the Ring of Kerry, Neusa is the perfect get-away if you like the cosiness of winter. In the national park – approximately two hours from Bogotá – you’ll find a vast reservoir nestled in the mountains. Surrounded by pine forests, fuchsia bushes and rolling farmland, Neusa is the perfect escape from the city if you’re looking for fresh air and tranquillity.
indigenous protest

Indigenous protest: nation-wide demand for implementation of ethnic rights

Indigenous communities across the country protest against the killings of social activists and demand that the government comply with the ethnic chapter of the peace agreement and other promises.
Rodrigo Londoño, alias "Timochenko" has set his eyes on a 4-year term at the Palacio de Nariño.

“Timochenko” announces bid for presidency

On Wednesday, Rodrigo Londoño, also known as “Timochenko,” announced he will be running for the presidency of Colombia for the 2018-2022 term. Londoño, commander-in-chief of...
Human Rights Watch draws attention to hunger crisis in Wayuu community

Wayuu hunger crisis requires OECD intervention, urges Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has urged the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), through a public letter, to examine Colombian government response to...
weekend breaks

Quick weekend breaks: Hot springs eternal

With picturesque lakes, hiking trails, traditional villages, hot springs and swimming pools all within 100km of Bogotá, it’s easy to find something different to...

CIA documents detail Hitler could have fled to Colombia

A declassified document from the CIA shows the agency investigated a claim that Adolf Hitler had survived World War II and lived in Colombia...

Visa categories simplified as number of foreigners arriving to Colombia grows

Visas for foreigners arriving to Colombia just got a little easier to understand. Following the passage of Resolución 6045 (Resolution 6045) in August by the...
Weekend breaks

Quick weekend breaks: getting warmed up

With picturesque lakes, hiking trails, traditional villages and swimming pools all within 100km of Bogotá, it’s easy to find something different to do for a weekend out of the city.

Travel off the beaten track: On the edge of Tuparro

Slip-sliding along some of the oldest geological formations on the continent, our intrepid correspondent gets to grips with a little-visited part of Colombia in Tuparro National Park.