Higuita wins in a titan’s fight at the end of stage...

Colombian cyclist Sergio Higuita (EF) takes over leadership of the general classification of Tour Colombia UCI 2.1

Second victory in a row for Sebastián Molano at Tour Colombia...

Colombia has turned into a cradle of new sprinters

State of the nation: Hard labour

Workers’ rights and salaries are divisive topics in 2020. We look at labour reforms likely to upset regular workers.

Sebastián Molano a prophet in his own land

Sebastián Molano claimed the first individual stage of Tour Colombia 2.1 in Duitama.

Tour Colombia 2.1 rolls off

The third version of Tour Colombia UCI had a sensational opening after the victory of Education First that stopped the clock at 18’01”.

Viva Valentine’s Day! Here’s a look at some of the hottest...

Despite having Amor y Amistad also widely celebrated in Colombia. Here is a look at some of the hottest spots around Bogotá for the big date night

The Buzz: Fins, fungus and failing friends

Our roundup of Colombian news that went global in the first weeks of 2020.

State of the Nation: No peace for social leaders

There were 34 assassinations of social leaders in January alone. We look at the numbers and ask why there is still no peace for Colombia’s human rights defenders.

Multinational opens office in Rionegro, expands regional presence

Talos Digital, a tech company with one of the largest international presences in Medellin, opened today its...

Hay Inspiration!

Historian Bettany Hughes said she was struck by Latin authors’ subtle approach to memory and trauma.

Sako Asko: A window into your soul

The latest exhibition from Sako Asko invites us to examine our own self-perceptions.

Popeye – in his own words

The Colombian hitman cum media pundit Popeye died of cancer today.

Oli’s big topic: Consequences schmonsequences

After the resignation of the defence minister last year, there have been immediate repercussions. Is this is a one-off, or a promising sign for the future?

Colombia-based Talos Digital brings on Jorge Besu to lead its global...

Since 2012, more than 300 international companies from over 30 countries have found their homes in Colombia,...

Mary Costello blazes a trail to celebrate Saint Brigid’s Day

In her talk, “Women’s voices in literature and their role in modern Ireland,” at la Universidad Nacional Costello admitted to just recently understanding the uniqueness of her own perspective as a woman writer.

Shakira and J. Lo showcase Colombian culture at Superbowl LIV

The superstars gave a rapt audience a crash course in some signature Colombian dances.