Colombian filmmakers frustrated over proposed law changes

A new law being proposed before Congress threatens to strip benefits for foreign films shot in Colombia. The law proposes changing an amendment added...

Brightly-colored frogs illuminate Colombia’s battle against animal trafficking

A few weeks ago at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogóta, police thwarted smugglers’ attempt to transport over 200 poisonous frogs into Germany....

Film reveiw: Wajib, a co-production between Palestine and Colombia

Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir tells the story of a father and his son who go from house to house to personally deliver the invitations for the upcoming wedding of their daughter and sister. This follows a cultural tradition called Wajib, the name of the film, which translates as “duty”.
Fragile X, FARC rafters

Frogs, frites and Fragile X: International media about Colombia

Plus coral farming, rafting with former FARC members and a sexy former nun. The international Buzz November in 2018

Borges Bio: A new graphic novel on the life of Argentina’s...

In Jorge Luis Borges’ celebrated short tale The Library of Babel, the author writes “Like all men of the library, I have travelled in...

Poison shock in Odebrecht corruption case

The suspicious deaths of a whistleblower and his son have heaped more mystery on the Odebrecht corruption case, linked to the construction of the Ruta del Sol II route.
Medellin Innovation Transformation

Is the paisa entrepreneurial spirit destined to remain within the valleys...

Medellín is the city that went from being the world’s most dangerous to the most innovative in the space of twenty years. Through the...

British delegation concerned over Colombian peace accord and state of detainees

A delegation from the UK has urged Colombian authorities to guarantee imprisoned FARC leader Jesús Santrich’s rights to a fair hearing and has asked...
The Scientific Brain

The Scientific Brain: An exploration of how science and art meet

Protons and poetry. Music and math. String theory and....Salvador Dali.

The Macondo of sounds: Puerto Candelaria

We speak to the man behind paisa musical heavyweights Puerto Candelaria, better known abroad than at home.

Lights, camera, byline: how to write a film review

Films are one of those topics that pretty much everyone likes. They’re also very common on exams like IELTS. How to write a film review.
Dance in the City

The best of dance in Bogotá: ‘Dance in the City’

The 11th edition of the annual festival ‘Dance in the City’– XI Festival Danza en la Ciudad – begins this week to celebrate local and international dance.

Oli’s big topic: The right to blasphemy

“Back to the middle ages” is how Under Threat guitarist Nicolás Bermúdez described the recent blocking of Swedish black metal band Marduk to me. Coming from the UK, it feels more like the 80s to me: we haven’t had a Satanic Panic for a long old while.
Ivan Duque cabinet

Opinion: 100 days of ‘meh’

The first 100 days of President Duque have passed by. Critics and supporters  of the president have rushed to evaluate his first three months...
Student strikes

Student strikes continue: The march of the pencils

The march for more funds for public universities is the seventh massing in seven weeks, but the stakes are higher as recent outings have ended in violent clashes with riot police.

Governor of Antioquia arrested on contempt of court charges

An arrest warrant was issued yesterday for Governor of Antioquia Luis Pérez Gutiérrez on contempt of court charges. The warrant was authorised by a...