Mundial de salsa competition

Cali celebrates its 14th Edition of the Mundial de Salsa

Competing pareja onstage at Coliseo El Pueblo (image courtesy of From September 24 to 29, Cali celebrated...

Oli’s big topic: I’m a migrant too

A lot of people look down upon Venezuelan migration. But many of us have similar stories and situations – more empathy is needed.

Letter from Tumaco: Notes from the forgotten pearl of the Pacific.

A trip to Tumaco reveals that the violence is there, but not as conspicuous as you might expect. A new series where writers share their observations about less-visited zones of the country.

Studying abroad: All abroad the study train!

In this article, we look at some of the questions to keep in mind if you’re keen to continue your education outside of Colombia.

How to Prepare Your Baby for a Newborn Photography Session

Your baby can change so much in a matter of days. More than the apparent changes in their bodies, you will also notice...

Colombian president claims Venezuela is harbouring criminal network

President Duque reveals dossier detailing the ELN and Maduro’s planned aggression when he addresses world leaders at the United Nations in New York

Protests: A week of tear gas and transport woes

Protests rocked Bogotá this week bringing transport misery to millions and accusations of heavy-handed policing as tear gas wafted through university sectors of the city.
Colombia Local Elections 2019

A forecast of Colombia’s upcoming local elections

Candidates for the position of Mayor of Medellín: Víctor Correa, Jesús Ramirez and Daniel Quintero (left-right). Image courtesy of Víctor Correa.

Colombia joins international climate protest

Campaigners in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Santa Marta, Tolima, and Ibague call for national climate emergency.

Bogotá’s Scooters: Harmless fun or serious hazard?

The Bogotá Post decided to take to the streets to find out more about the current boom on scooters in the capital.

6 Different Types of Custom Bookmarks

Photo: Pixabay Everyone reads. Some people read a lot while others just read occasionally, so most people can...

ARTBO Q&A: Aaron Cezar, Delfina Foundation

Aaron Cezar, is the founding director of the Delfina Foundation in the UK and will be curating the Proyectos section of ARTBO this year.

San Felipe: The jewel in the city’s art scene

San Felipe is home to the Bogotá Art District and will be brimming with things to do during ARTBO.

World Cleanup Day 2019, a chance to help clean the planet

World Cleanup Day 2019 returns on September 21 as the biggest civic action cleanup movement Colombia has seen. Register here and get involved.

Don’t miss at ARTBO 2019: Tips from María Paz Gaviria, ARTBO...

ARTBO director María Paz Gaviria gives her tips on what to see at ARTBO 2019, Alfredo Jaar's 'A Logo for America,' Forum talks and Referentes.

Beyond ARTBO: A quick tour of this year’s fringe art festivals

Every year around ARTBO there are also some other smaller art festivals with plenty of things to watch, like Barcú, Feria del Millón and Espacio Odeón.