Strict quarantine to return to Bogotá

As coronavirus continues to grow in the capital, mayor Claudia López has announced stricter rules as of Monday.

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FARC Peace Agreement Santrich

Constructing peace continues even during lockdown

Series of Facebook Live conversations offer a chance to understand the work involved in historical memory.

Worried about your business in Colombia during the pandemic? Here’s what...

A worldwide pandemic during the first half of the fiscal year was not anticipated. As Colombia closes its borders, implements new temporary trade and travel policies, the future of global business is unsure.

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Virtual drag show to celebrate Pride in Colombia

If you're missing this year's Pride celebrations, why not join in tonight's virtual drag show?

Medellín expats, charity groups in fight against ‘hunger pandemic’

Each passing day of mandated quarantine is another without income for scores of informal workers and their...

Going Local in coronavirus: The Viral versus The Virus

In Colombia, coronavirus conspiracy theories are growing online. Is there an antidote?

Black Lives Matter comes to Colombia

Justice for George Floyd, Justice for Anderson Arboleda: Black Lives Matter in Colombia

The Bogotá Post presents its 2020 Oceanic Leaders in Colombia

Within the last decade Australia and New Zealand, two of the largest countries that make up the...

International fundraiser SOS: Colombian Amazon arrives today

The organizations Akasha, OPIAC, Cacao Laboratory, Metta U, Gospel, Black Vitriol and Sheik n’ Beik are partnering...

Let’s walk the line: Johnny Cash virtual tribute tonight

Smoking Molly, Carlos Reyes and La Pole Artesanal want to help keep the city's music scene afloat with tonight's livestream.
Police code Colombia

Oli’s big topic: Who polices the police?

There’s a clear discrepancy between what is officially allowed and what is actually happening in Bogotá at the moment.

Tracking coronavirus: Should you install the CoronApp?

Countries around the world are grappling with the technological and privacy issues generated by coronavirus tracking applications – and Colombia's CoronApp is unlikely to win any prizes.

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