Bogotá through the 5 senses

Book review: Bogotá through the 5 senses / Los 5 sentidos...

Bogotá through the 5 senses is a quirky pocket-sized book that calls itself ‘The non-guide to Bogotá’ and aims to be more of a companion as you explore the city’s different zones. Each section contains an introduction to the area (including its DNA), a guided walk and advice from both a bogotana and a foreigner. There’s also a map and a place to make some notes, giving it the feel of an activity book.

IT in Colombia: success in challenging times

Colombia is considered by many North American companies as one of the countries with high-performance software developing teams, able to compete with any country...
Voices of Bogotá

Book review: Voices of Bogotá

There are a thousand stories in every barrio in Bogotá. Walk the streets slicked with rain at night and glance up at the windows lit up. Each one hides a tale or two. Voices of Bogotá collects a range of authors, all with a view through a different window in Bogotá.
Grupo Energía Bogotá

Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) energetically looks to the future

An exclusive interview with Astrid Álvarez Hernández, the CEO of the recently re-branded Grupo Energía Bogotá. Find out how the company came back from the brink of disaster, as well as more on their recent strategy to focus on renewables.
electronic music in Bogotá

Electroni-cool: the story of electronic music in Bogotá

Electronic music has been booming in Bogotá for years, and the music scene continues to take audiences to new highs. We speak to Julio Victoria, DJ Adi and Sonico, among others, and take a look at how it all began.

Gulf Clan believed to be responsible for grenade nightclub attack that...

Over 30 people were injured after a grenade was thrown into a nightclub last week. The attack was believed to be carried out by...

Colombia’s 2017 in numbers

Colombia's 2017 in numbers: At the end of what has been a transcendent year for Colombia, we take a look at some of the...
Top 2017 searches in Colombia

Top 2017 searches in Colombia

The minimum wage and Martín Elías were the two most googled terms in Google’s list of top 2017 searches in Colombia. Music and sports featured extensively, while ‘How to be a Latin Lover?’ was the most-asked question.
Spanish festive word search

Spanish festive word search

As the end of the year approaches, we've got a fun way to practice your language skills during the holidays with this Spanish festive word search.

Guns ‘n Colombia: Military Expo rolls into Bogotá

Between December 4th and 6th, the biannual exhibition Expodefensa took place at Bogotá’s expo hall Corferias. In spite of protests and criticism over the...
Felipe Ferrer

Bogotá Works: Felipe the caterer

For many, the holiday season is a time to take the foot off the accelerator at work and focus on family, festivities and fun....

Don’t miss these top Bogotá restaurants

To mark the holiday season and a time when many people have time to eat out, The Bogotá Post has made a list of some of the top Bogotá restaurants.  Jim Cook has picked some of his favourite places to eat. Since it’s not in the Yuletide spirit to critique the restaurants, he’s stuck to places that are so good they didn’t need criticism.

Former warlord extradited to Colombia following eight-year stint in US jail

A Colombian warlord has been extradited back to his homeland after serving an eight-year prison sentence in the States for drug trafficking. Hebert Veloza,...

30 International NGOs band together to condemn murder of slain activist

30 NGOs from around the world have strongly condemned the slaying of human-rights activist Hernán Bedoya. In a letter, the organizations expressed concern and sought...
New Year in Bogota

New Year in Bogotá

People travelling to Colombia around this time are no different, usually looking for somewhere fabulous to sing the local version of Auld Lang Syne and ring in the new year in style. However, if it’s your first time spending this occasion in the country, you’re probably in for a bit of a surprise.

Medellin to get new lab devoted to producing and exporting medical...

Not long after the Colombian government’s decision to legalise medicinal marijuana mid-2016, the country now has a new lab devoted to production and exports...