Colombian graffiti artist Ecks marks the spot

The very nature of street art means that, often, little is known about the artists behind it. The Bogotá Post had the pleasure of catching up with one of Bogotá’s most acclaimed street artists, Ecks, after he and his crew, Vertigo, returned from painting a six-storey mural in Amman, Jordan.

Film review: Utøya: July 22

Norwegian director Erik Poppe presents a fictional narrative that aims to depict a deadly act of domestic terrorism and the young lives it changed.

Going Local: Public toilets in Bogotá? Nowhere to go

Is it just me, or is it hard to have a pee in Bogotá? And is the lack of public toilets part of some neo-liberal plot to force people into shopping centres and boost urology clinics?

Singing Humboldt’s praises in Bogotá: a musical based on his life

The story of a scientific wunderkind comes to the Bogotá stage

Independence day: Five people who built the Colombia we know and...

July 20 is Colombia's independence day so we look at five people of great importance for the modern day Colombia we all know and love.

Apollo 11: To the moon on a Boyacá sheep’s back

Looking back 50 years to Apollo 11’s historic lift-off, it’s hard to believe the small crew capsule perched high on the massive Saturn V rocket was lined with sheep’s wool from Boyacá.

The dark side of Santa Marta

Armed gangs lurk in the shadows of Santa Marta, burning a farm for tourists to the ground in this tourist haven on the Colombian coast.

Climate Change: A challenge for Colombia’s campesinos

If, as predicted, temperatures in Colombia rise by 2.14°C by the end of the century, it’s those in rural areas who are most likely to be affected by climate change.
JEP Colombia Peace Process

JEP budget for 2020 to reduce by 30 percent

March in defense of the JEP, Bogotá, March 2019. Image courtesy of Deposit Photos. The budget for the...

Cabal and Farah win Wimbledon doubles crown

Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah win Wimbledon doubles final and take first ever Grand Slam victory. In the final they beat French duo Mahut and Roger-Vasselin in a marathon five-setter of almost five hours with 6-7, 7-6, 7-6, 6-7, 6-3

Colombian football: Players to watch in Liga Águila-II 2019

The league is set to kick off this weekend, and while the clubs are still putting together their squads, we took a look at some of the players to keep an eye on this season.

Salsa comes to the capital with the World Salsa Open and...

July and August are filled with Salsa events in Bogotá, the 'World Salsa Open', the 'International festival of salsa' and 'Viva la Salsa' to keep on dancing

Medellín to host next World Conference of Science Journalists

Members of the Colombian Association of Science Journalism and Communication in Lausanne, Switzerland Last week in Lausanne,...

La Roja: Beer for peace brewed by former FARC members

La Roja stands apart in the current wave of Colombian craft beers - it’s made and distributed by ex-combatants of the FARC. The brains behind the operation gives us the inside story.

Oli’s big Topic: NIMBY pamby – Not In My Back Yard!

Money talks and bullshit walks. That’s pretty much what’s happening in the saga of the TransMilenio extension to Carrera Séptima.
Disappeared Armed Conflict Colombia

Investigators begin their search for 100,000 missing persons in Colombia

Paying homage to forcibly disappeared victims of Colombia's armed conflict. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Officials within...