Still Living in Bogotá

The second edition of the guide book-cum-directory, Living in Bogotá, is hot off the press

FILBo: Patients and patience in the Colombian healthcare system

Paciente focuses on the experience of one woman as she deals with both her daughter’s cancer and bureaucracy and inefficiency in the Colombian healthcare system.

Memorias de un hijueputa: Fernando…ah, Fernando!

Fernando Vallejo shows the FILBo audience yet again that he has no filter as he aims his acerbic words at several of the country’s politicians.

Where to get a coffee at FILBo 2019

Wherever your literary interests lie, the sheer enormity of books, talks and events on offer at FILBo will leave you footsore and in need of a pitstop. A guide to your Corferias caffeine fix

Calle y Poché: homegrown Youtubers top the FILBo bill

Calle y Poché, two twenty-something Colombianas who have garnered over 6 million subscribers. They have just released their first book Si, Si es Contigo.

Eurocine 2019: The reel deal

In the 25th edition of Eurocine, the cultural fixture has plenty to attract even the most casual of film-goers. This year's theme, "Imagine a new way"

Public Relations 101: 4 Super Effect PR Campaign Tips You Have...

Need help promoting yourself or your business? Maybe it's time to boost your PR game. Read on for some awesome PR campaign tips.

How to Start Your YouTube Channel & Quickly Gain Subscribers

How to Start Your YouTube Channel & Quickly Gain Subscribers: We created a guide to help you start a successful YouTube channel that will get people watching!

Bucaramanga Game Quest is coming

Bucaramanga Game Quest is the first ever event for videogame developers in the region.

Corruption prosecution: José Elías Melo sentenced to nearly 12 years

José Elías Melo, former president of Corficolombiana faces 11 years and 9 months in prison and a fine of almost COP$150 million.

Have a Business? Simplify the Process of Payroll Checks

Employees are understandably frustrated when payroll checks arrive late or not at all. Here's how to un-complicate the payroll process, fixing this dilemma.

The 12 tones of change: Colombian music talent at Teatro Villa...

Doce Tonos – made up of twelve very different musical groups – will be performing on May 3 and 4 at the Teatro Villa Mayor in what organisers say is a “showcase not a concert.”

Colmenares: Where’s the Crime?

Many thought that the 2017 court ruling drew a line under the Colmenares controversy. But now a Netflix crime drama has reopened the case.

Alexandra Christo: Fantastic feats in To Kill to Kingdom

‘Sometimes I would get so tired and absent-minded I’d cut myself cooking. So literally there was blood!’

How to Use Kickstarter to Start Your Business

Kickstarter is a powerful tool for people with good ideas. Here is how to use Kickstarter to start your business.

Guzmán: Colombia’s forgotten history of peace

Colombians negotiated a landmark peace agreement that slowly crumbled as the State was unable to live up to its promise of economic...