Coronavirus lockdown: Some hope for those on the breadline

The COVID-19 lockdown has brought – or exacerbated – the hardships felt by many on a daily basis. Here’s how two local restaurants are providing lunches for homeless people.

Key medical workers in the coronavirus crisis: The respiratory nurse

Many are working from home, others have no work to go to. Some people, though, are key workers for society in the COVID-19 crisis and have to continue turning up in person.

Coronavirus in Colombia: April 17 update

Our regular roundup of COVID-19 cases in Colombia.

Founder Institute Medellín’s early admissions deadline is April 26th

Startup accelerator Founder Institute has announced that the early admissions deadline for its Medellín chapter is on...

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Gaitán’s memory would be best served by helping the country’s worst-off

The commemoration of Colombia’s National Day of Solidarity for Victims of the Armed Conflict was muted this year as the novel coronavirus lockdown forced individuals to shelter-in-place.
OXXO Candelaria

Bogotá quarantine: The centre under lockdown

There’s always a mishmash of people in the centre of the city and that’s magnified with the quarantine that has now been extended to April 26.

New quarantine policy in the capital: Pico y género

Claudia López announces gender-based restrictions to mobility.

Colombia’s trapped informal workers raise literal red flags in desperate call...

Approaching 20 days without work due to COVID-19 quarantine, Colombia's informal laborers are calling out to authorities for assistance.

Viva Air Labs launches contest to reignite the aviation sector in...

Viva Air is looking to accelerate ideas that could reignite the aviation sector as the industry faces...

Keep up your Spanish during the quarantine

Are you in quarantine alone or with other non-Spanish speakers? Worried that you might backtrack on all of the language progress you have made living in Colombia? For better or worse, you likely have the internet at your fingertips. How to keep your Spanish up to date.

Coronavirus economy: The outlook is bleak for Colombia

Coronavirus has hit the economy of Colombia hard, but just how bad are the long-term prospects? We take a look at what could happen post-virus.

Duque extends Colombia’s quarantine until April 26

After 13 days of quarantine, Colombia will extend the obligatory lockdown by two more weeks.

Bogotá quarantine: Teusaquillo Stories

How is the national quarantine affecting your barrio? We’ve been talking to people all over the city, with today Teusaquillo.

Coronavirus in Colombia: April 5 update

Our update on Coronavirus stats in Colombia and where the COVID-19 curve is heading.

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