Bogotá May restrictions: No quarantine this weekend

The capital is not past its third peak, but the COVID rules have been relaxed.

Tax reform scrapped, but protests in Colombia continue

The resignation of the finance minister and withdrawal of reforms has not stopped nationwide demonstrations.

National strike in Colombia: How it unfolded

As darkness falls, protests in Bogotá continue. Here’s what happened today.

Colombia national strike: Strike a light

As the country gears up for protests, what can we expect? We’ve done our best to answer any questions you might have

Bogotá’s latest red alert: new restrictions in the capital

Bogotá has introduced new stricter coronavirus measures -- schools and universities will be shut again and we all need to be home by 8pm.

Litter picking during the pandemic: the workers ensuring Colombia keeps recycling

The term reciclador literally translates to a recycler and can be broadly defined as a person who recovers reusable and recyclable materials...

Jennifer Poole promoted to CRO of startup Publicize

Jennifer Poole Publicize, a digital PR company for technology startups and enterprises that’s headquartered in Medellin, has announced...

Government authorises commercial COVID vaccinations — but you can’t buy one...

How is the vaccination process in Colombia going? Find out what's going on, if vaccines are effective and what will happen next.

Colombia tax reform: A taxing problem

Colombia’s byzantine taxation system needs desperate reform, but the public don’t think Carrasquilla has the answers.

COVID third peak: 8pm curfew will begin in Bogotá tomorrow

As emergency room occupation hits highest levels yet, Bogotá is introducing an 8pm curfew.

Dispatches: Parkway

Our new feature will give you a snapshot of a different corner of Bogotá each month. We've all been stuck at home more this year, so one writer wanted to capture a taste of different parts of the city. First up? Parkway.

The mayor who cried wolf?

As we enter an official third wave, public appetite for lockdown is stretching ever-thinner.

Red alert! New measures in Bogotá

Another red alert has been issued in Bogotá, meaning the extension of lockdown, with some changes.

Oli’s big topic: Everyone needs a bit of Parklife

Here's why Bogotá needs to keep its parks open during coronavirus lockdowns.

Bogotá’s post-Easter restrictions

As was to be expected, even after slightly muted Semana Santa celebrations, authorities plan to shut down Bogotá again this weekend.

8 Colombian Holy Week beliefs you might not have heard of

Every country has its fair share of superstitions, many of which grew from religious beliefs. Easter in Colombia is no different