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Death Angel Rock al Parque 2017

Rob Cavestany: First stop is in Bogotá for Death Angel

In the Bay Area thrash scene that launched the career of so many bands, there was one that always stood out as a cult favourite. That band was Death Angel. They are one of the biggest bands at Rock al Parque 2017, and Oliver Pritchard gets the lowdown on lead guitarist Rob Cavestany’s preparations for Saturday.

Get knotted at Knotfest

Bogotá is ready to rock again as Knotfest comes to the capital. Don't miss your chance to hear Judas Priest and Pantera in Colombia.

2019 in Colombia, the year in numbers

As the year draws to a close, we look back at the most important numbers of 2019.

Wrong use of Spanish language in the media: Don’t get me wrong

Spanish language in the media isn't always right. Photo: Elijah O'Donnell, Unsplash We all make mistakes when...

Colombian Music dates in 2019

In 2019 Colombian music trends will see a rise in fusion groups that mix traditional music with electronic music such as Mitú, la Payara, and Ghetto Kumbé among others.

Oli’s big topic: The right to blasphemy

“Back to the middle ages” is how Under Threat guitarist Nicolás Bermúdez described the recent blocking of Swedish black metal band Marduk to me. Coming from the UK, it feels more like the 80s to me: we haven’t had a Satanic Panic for a long old while.

Colombia connection: Mexico, Aztec Camera

The links between these two Latin American powerhouses go far deeper than mariachis, tacos and tequila.

Turning Japanese, the connection between Colombia and Japan

We put Colombo-Japanese relations under the spotlight, as we take a look at what brings the two nations together.
fourth birthday

The Bogotá Post’s fourth birthday!

Over 1,600 articles and over two million words mean we feel the right to be a little indulgent as we mark four years and pick our top pick 50 memorable moments.

Estéreo Picnic 2018: Gorillaz not Guerrillas

Estéreo Picnic is back again and bigger than ever. Find out what’s going down at the event.