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Sepultura Rock al Parque

Behind the scenes at Rock al Parque 2016

Oli Pritchard goes backstage at Rock al Parque and speaks to Sepultura, Black Dahlia Murder, Napalm Death, GBH, Baroness and Deafheaven.
Rock al Parque

Rock al Parque – Monday: Baroness shake the ground

The third and final day of Rock al Parque sees GBH, Ikarus is Falling, Manos de Fillipi, Deafheaven, Anger Rise, Todos Tus Muertos, Baroness and Suicidal Tendencies.
Rock al Parque

Rock al Parque Sunday: Napalm Death ring true

Day two of Rock al Parque, this massive celebration of all things metal sees Sick Of It All, Compadres Recerdos, Banda Conmocion, Cuentos de los Hermanos Grind...
Rock al Parque

Rock al Parque – Saturday: Sepultura wind up the tension

Bogotá seems filled with “al Parque” events these days, from salsa to rap and simply Colombia al Parque. But the big daddy, the lord,...
Rock al Parque 2016

Bogotá rocks: Rock al Parque 2016

Every year, Bogotá hosts a whole cavalcade of free or subsidised cultural events, but without a doubt the biggest is Rock al Parque. With the full line up now confirmed, Oli Pritchard looks ahead to the 2016 festival and some of the bands who will be playing.
Rock al Parque 2015

Rock al Parque 2015

On a weekend as damp and cold as a dog’s nose, the mountains enshrouded in thick layers of foreboding fog, one corner of Bogota is alive and pulsating. Señor Vikingo spends the weekend at Bogota’s free rock festival and shares his thoughts on the bands on show.
Rock al Parque

Rock Al Parque – 20 Years Of Rock

‘Señor Vikingo’ raids, rocks and rattles cages in Parque Bolivar
Lalo Cortés onstage

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Lalo Cortés is bringing jazz back

“We need to rethink jazz.” It can be a marmite genre, but soul singer Lalo Cortés is leading the charge to redefine...
15 minute cities are a possibility

Going Local: 15 minute cities – is Bogotá one?

The ‘everything local’ urban concept of 15 minute cities – coined by a Colombian living in Paris - is now under attack...

Another mixtape for Festival Cordillera 2022

We’ve made you another mixtape featuring artists from Sunday's Festival Cordillera in Parque Simón Bolívar. Who tickles your fancy?