Alone Together

Book review – Alone Together: Tales of Sisterhood and Solitude in...

Alone Together is a book about solo female travel and some of the people and places that 36 women from 17 different countries and all kinds of backgrounds encounter on their journeys through Latin America. This diverse group of women – from backpackers to an octogenarian – share their experiences, which are at times humorous, at times unnerving and at times heart-warming.
Choco Colombia

When the Party’s Over:

After his experience at the San Pacho festival, Azzam Alkadhi examines the realities of Choco in focus So troubled was I by the stark contrasts...
Isla San Bernando

Pig Paradise

Angie Tolliday finds an unexpected gem, the islands of San Bernardo, en route to Panama. Despite the false promise of being dropped off at the...
Colombian Festivals

A festival free-for-all: The best Colombian festivals

Colombians are known for their love of a good time, which explains the abundance of festivals this country has to offer. From tiny towns celebrating a foodstuff that is the backbone of their economies, to giant festivals that attract talent from the world over, there’s something for any taste.
Christmas trips

Colombian twist to Christmas: Getting out of the capital for the...

Colombia is known for celebrating any occasion with immense spirit, and as the brightest of all events, Christmas is no exception. Whatever Christmas means for you, find out where you can put a Colombian twist on your traditions and customs.
Hiking Bogotá, Quebrada Las Delicias, Quebrada La Vieja, Bogotá´s Mountain trails

Hiking Bogotá: The hills are alive with the sound of walkers!

Having a huge forest reserve right on the edge of the city makes for some excellent hill walking. Gerald Barr is on hand with a guide to hiking Bogotá mountain trails.
Samaná River Colombia

The plight of the Samaná River

Chris Bell enjoys the rush of beauty and adrenaline as he rafts down the Samaná River, a real life Magia Salvaje set which he hopes will not be lost forever.

The Mystery of San Agustin

We explore one of Colombia’s most ancient and mysterious destinations, where the magic of what was once a thriving civilization can be relived. Mention San...
páramos, Colombia páramo, Sumapaz

Páramo-rmal activities

“What are páramos?” you may be asking. It can roughly be defined as a high-altitude tropical ecosystem lying above the tree line, yet below the permanent snow line. We visit two within a stones throw from Bogotá, and have our breath literally taken away.
Bogota Day Trips, Suesca Cundinamarca

Bogotá day trips, the best one-day trips around Bogotá

A round-up of some of the best places to visit within a couple of hours of the city - now you can make sure you take advantage of June’s many festivos