Asociación El Arka

Asociación El Arka: Breaking down barriers

Attempting to break down barriers and provide an opportunity for people with disabilities, the Helen Keller contest provides a space for people with sensory, physical or intellectual disabilities to showcase some of their talents. Run by the non-profit organisation Asociación El Arka, the categories for the competition include poetry, short stories and features.
Sin Palabras

Sin Palabras: A bar that’s worth a thousand words

Sin Palabras is a new café-bar on the Séptima, the first café-bar of its kind in Colombia and one of very few in the world designed for deaf people - a fantastic space and it’s totally kitted out to meet the needs of both deaf and hearing guests.
chocolate chip cookies Bogotá

The great chocolate chip cookies quest

For some people, chocolate chip cookies are a holy grail – like a fine wine or a perfect steak. Finding that perfect balance of sweet outer crunch, inner chewiness and just the right amount of chocolate chips is a quest worth undertaking.
La defensa del dragón Natalia Santa

Natalia Santa speaks about La defensa del dragón

Natalia Santa is a scriptwriter turned director, whose remarkable debut feature La defensa del dragón is about to hit theatres on July 27. In a candid interview with The Bogotá Post, the director talked about the long and difficult process of making a movie in Colombia and how her fascination for some of Bogotá’s most unique spaces inspired her to make this film.
El silencio de los fusiles

El silencio de los fusiles

In the documentary El silencio de los fusiles, journalist and filmmaker Natalia Orozco provides a chronological narration of the peace process that put an end to more than 50 years of war.
Mañana a este hora

Mañana a esta hora

In Mañana a esta hora, Colombian filmmaker Lina Rodríguez skilfully draws a picture of life as a series of small daily battles against the wearisome routine of the big city.
the story of Manuelita Sáenz

The story of Manuelita Sáenz

The story of Manuelita Sáenz, a show that touches on one of Colombia’s less well known parts of history, is coming to Colombia. British-Venezuelan Tamsin Clarke from the Popelei Theatre speaks about the award winning play.
Monday at Rock al Parque, Rock al Parque 2017

Monday at Rock al Parque 2017

Monday at Rock al Parque is the final day and sees the festival back to buzzing times, full of people and ready to rock. The day is calmer, so you won’t find so much black shining leather, but plenty of alternative goodies. It’s also Latin day, bringing together artists from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and of course, Colombia.
Elkin Robinson, Rock al Parque 2017, Macaco

Rock al Parque: Not just for metalheads

While you wouldn’t want to bring your mum along to some of the acts at this year’s Rock al Parque, there were some less hard core performances on offer. Phoebe Hopson listens to Macaco, Cirkus Funk and Elkin Robinson.
Rock al Parque 2017-Sunday

Rock al Parque 2017-Sunday

There’s only one Obituary to be written for Rock al Parque 2017: Sunday and they were on stage. Along with H2O, Rolling Ruanas, Los Caligaris, Estado de Coma, Zhaoze, Rompefuego, Blessed Extinction and Carnivore Diprosopus the park was pulsing with awesome riffs, staccato blastbeats and good ol’ fashioned metal.