Ask Jazid, Colombian superstitions

Do you believe in Colombian superstitions?

Every country has its own unique rituals that people use to attract good fortune and repel bad luck. In his latest column, our intrepid agony uncle Jazid Contreras explores some of these quirky Colombian superstitions and the magical thinking behind them.

The Handmaiden

In Park Chan-wook's newest outing The Handmaiden, Hitchcock-esque tension is mixed with Oldboy extremity in a piece of sublime cinema.
Colombian Chocolate Club, Colombian cacao, Colombian chocolate

Colombian chocolate: Seeds of change

As the Colombian high-end cacao industry continues to pick up steam, Phoebe Hopson visits an expert in Colombian chocolate to learn more about this prized bean.
OVERCAST Get-Together party

OVERCAST’s latest Get-Together promises

On June 10, boutique record label OVERCAST will throw their fourth Get-Together party. The Get-Together is more than a party, it’s the celebration of OVERCAST, a label set up by five friends that share the same passion: music.
Sin mover los labios

Sin mover los labios

With Carlos Osuna's latest movie, Sin mover los labios, we are taken on bizarre, dark and comedic trip into the life of a ventriloquist and his dead mother.
Fotográfica Bogotá 2017, Murray Fredericks

Fotográfica Bogotá 2017

If you love photography don't miss Fotográfica Bogotá 2017 which runs until June 15. The work of 150 photographers from Colombia and other parts of the world will be shown in galleries, museums, cultural centers and public areas of Bogotá.
Drunk food Colombia

Drunk food: Night out nosh

It’s a worldwide phenomenon that an excess of alcohol often causes a need for nourishment. Whether that be in the small hours of the morning, the day after, or even both, Phoebe Hopson has some top tips to quell your night-time cravings and help you find the best drunk food to put you back on your feet.
ARTBO fin de semana

ARTBO fin de semana

A new initiative ARTBO fin de semana, promises three days of special art related events, talks, exhibitions and guided tours – all for free. Daniela Cristancho speaks to the organisers to find out what’s happening.
Women Travel Latin America

Women Travel Latin America seeking contributors

If you’re a woman who has travelled in Latin America, Women Travel Latin America wants your stories for their upcoming book that hopes to inspire others to travel the continent.
Fito Páez, FILBo 2017

FILBo 2017 in review

For two weeks, the city was awash with letters and words – spoken, written and even painted on walls – of all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of languages. With talks, book signings, music and a host of cultural celebrations, our team scurried from pavilion to post to bring you the best of FILBo 2017.

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FARC disarmament

Historic moment as FARC disarmament is complete

Another historic step as UN confirm 7,132 weapons handed over in FARC disarmament, marking an end to the guerilla’s armed insurgency.
El Almirante, Guatapé boat tragedy

Nine dead and many missing in Guatapé boat tragedy

Authorities continue to search for survivors after Guatapé boat tragedy leaves nine dead and 15 missing. The ‘El Almirante’ was carrying about 170 passengers when it sank in the well-known Antioquia tourist destination.
Heaven Shall Burn Rock al Parque 2017

Heaven Shall Burn: Heavy metal politics

German death metallers Heaven Shall Burn are one of the biggest names at this year’s Rock al Parque. Guitarist, Maik Weichert discusses human rights, FARC re-integration and veganism with Oliver Pritchard, showing that those who assume metalheads are simple couldn’t be more wrong.
Colombian presidency, Germán Vargas Lleras, Colombia presidential campaign

2018 Colombian presidential race kicks off

On March 2, with 15 months to go until the presidential elections on May 27 next year, Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras announced that he will step down on March 14 to focus on the presidential campaign.
Rock al Parque 2017

Rock al Parque 2017 preview

Ready the troops and head out to the capital’s heaviest festival. It’s that time of year to rock out with your cock out, Rock al Parque 2017. Señor Vikingo starts braiding his beard and polishing his helmets and leather for the annual rockfest.
Andino bombing

Andino bombing kills three in Bogotá

One French woman and two Colombians were killed in the Andino bombing that exploded in the popular shopping centre on Saturday June 17 at 5pm. Authorities promise to bring those responsible to justice.

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