FILBo 2017

FILBo 2017

Bookworms that we are, we open the pages of FILBo 2017 and say bonjour to the continent’s biggest celebration of reading. This year it's celebrating 30 years, and we ask how to get the most out of the region’s biggest book fair? Christopher Outlaw gets some expert opinions.
Hay festival Cartagena

Hay festival en Carta-hay-na

Each year, Cartagena’s Hay Festival – the iconic celebration of literature, art, cinema and music – draws intellectuals and artists from a wide array of disciplines. Carolina Morales reports from this year’s event.
Bogotá brunch

Bogotá Brunch

Whether you have countless stories to chat about from the night, week or month before, fancy a catch up with friends or you are just really hungry, brunch is the new buzzword in Bogotá. Laura Sharkey has the lowdown on where to get the best not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch in the city.
Bogotá markets


Bogotá markets provide everything from fruit and veg, meat and dairy to kitchen supplies, flowers or handicrafts - one even provides a space to take a break from the hustle and bustle with a good book. Mariana Rolón takes a look at some of the best markets for getting immersed in Colombian culture.
Tejo Bogotá

Tejo: A banging good time

There is something intrinsically Colombian about the explosive sport of tejo. Ángela Forero-Aponte goes beyond the gunpowder and alcohol to understand more about this unique activity with roots that go back to pre-colonial times.
Organic food Bogota

Organic food

Organic Bogota: From veg boxes to  organic shops, the city has a huge variety for the conscious consumer. Charlotte Mackenzie goes green across the...
Jaime Dangond Daza, Vallenato King

Jaime Dangond Daza: The story of a vallenato king

The country’s biggest vallenato festival will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary this year. As the excitement builds, Milagros Oliveros speaks to current Vallenato King Jaime Dangond Daza – a star in his genre and contender for the King of Kings competition.
Festival Estéreo Picnic 2017

Estéreo Picnic 2017: The final act

Musical worlds combined on the final day at this year’s Festival Estéreo Picnic 2017. The beats of the DJs led revellers late into the night and the traditional sounds of gaitas and tamboras entranced earlier on. Linda Gómez is on the scene.
Festival Estéreo Picnic

Festival Estéreo Picnic: A day to remember

Linda Gómez is at the second day of the Festival Estéreo Picnic, the attendees braved mud, rain, anxiety and despair, as they waited for the band that for many perhaps had been their motivation for buying the ticket: The Strokes.
Estéreo Picnic 2017

Estéreo Picnic 2017, Damp but not Dampened

Estéreo Picnic 2017 revellers were delighted by the performances and undeterred by the rain, as Linda Gómez discovered.
Eurocine Colombia

EuroCine – A feast for film lovers

With Eurocine and the French Classics Cycle, April brings a myriad of movies from across the pond that will thrill, move and amuse you. Jazid Contreras has a rundown of what to expect.
Bogotá Fashion Week

Bogotá Fashion Week: Local design takes centre stage

Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce embraces Bogotá Fashion Week in a bid to highlight the city’s design potential. Phoebe Hopson chats to three absolutely fabulous designers about the upcoming showcase.
FILBo 2017

FILBo 2017

Bookworms that we are, we open the pages of FILBo 2017 and say bonjour to the continent’s biggest celebration of reading. This year it's celebrating 30 years, and we ask how to get the most out of the region’s biggest book fair? Christopher Outlaw gets some expert opinions.
Estéreo Picnic 2017

Today’s the day the big names come to the Festival Estéreo...

One of the capital’s biggest events, Festival Estéreo Picnic, is just around the corner. This year, The Strokes head the line-up, with stellar support from plenty of renowned international names. Oli Pritchard and Linda Gómez give you everything you need to know for the festival and catch up with some of the Colombian acts preparing to turn up the volume for their appearance at the eighth edition.

Interview with Tame Impala

Following on from the band’s appearance at Estéreo Picnic, Azzam Alkadhi catches up with Tame Impala to discuss Bogotá traffic, heavy gigging schedules and...
Kaiser Chiefs

A predictably riotous performance

The Kaiser Chiefs delighted audiences with a powerful show, Azzam Alkadhi caught up with the band before their concert.
Enzo Fortuny

Enzo Fortuny: Voice behind a hundred masks

The Spanish language voiceover artist for such iconic figures as Frodo Baggins and Arnold from Hey Arnold, Enzo Fortuny, speaks to Oli Pritchard.

Bogotá’s Festival Centro – Interviews with Joe Bataan, Crack Family and Elkin Robinson

Bogotá’s first celebration of the year, Festival Centro offers a great opportunity to enjoy music from over 50 musicians from Colombia and further afield, María Alejandra Jaramillo speaks to some of the artists involved.
Systema Solar

Systema Solar: Taking a stand through music

Systema Solar frontman Walter Hernández Romero speaks to Phoebe Hopson about the band’s latest album and the philosophy behind the group.
Thanksgiving in Bogotá

Thanks for the grub

Thanksgiving is upon you and the American readers among us will no doubt be busily planning the best way to celebrate the occasion here...
Salon Comunal Art Gallery Bogota

The art of meditation

Daniel Caicedo checks out the latest exhibitions at Bogota’s Salon Comunal art gallery It’s a small house tucked down a tiny, relatively under-circulated street on...
Chocó to Dance

Chocó to Dance – Dancing for a better future

Chocó to Dance is a new initiative that sees Colombians offering dance classes online in an effort to raise money for higher education, as Linda Gómez discovers.
Ask Jazid, dar papaya

To kiss or not to kiss?

In a new column that aims to answer your questions about Colombian etiquette, customs, and a host of other things that might puzzle visitors to the country, Jazid Contreras valiantly takes up the role of agony uncle. This edition he gives you a Colombian guide to friendly physical contact.