Macondo, Gabriel Garcia Marquez tourism Colombia

Exploring Gabriel García Márquez’s Colombia

Colombia may claim Gabriel García Márquez as its greatest cultural export, but as the tourism industry cottons on to the idea that the writer may be something they can sell, Gabo makes a complex poster boy for the country

Colombia’s Top Festivals:

In a country famed for its plethora of festivals, every weekend sees at least one massive celebration somewhere in the country. We take a...
Rafting San Gil, Adventure sports Colombia

Adventure sports: High on adrenaline

Looking for adventure sports in Colombia? Anny Wooldridge explores some of the country’s best destinations to get your blood pumping.
Putumayo Colombia, Colombian Amazon

Welcome to the jungle

Follow our columnist as he takes a trip into the Colombian Amazon jungle and savours the delights of Mocoa, Putumayo, where he dines with monkeys, journeys through spectacular scenery and relaxes in the off-the-beaten-track destination.
Birdwatching Colombia, Colombia birds

Where to go birdwatching in Colombia

With more bird species than any country in the world, Colombia is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Chris Bell takes a look at some of the best places to go to catch a glimpse of some spectacular feathered friends.
Festival de la Feijoa

Festival de la Feijoa in Tibasosa, Boyaca

Boyaca’s Festival de la Feijoa pays tribute to the fruit in its many forms. Chris Erb gets involved... The humble, unassuming feijoa, little known and...