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An uncertain future for business

The key challenges for business in Colombia in 2019

Colombia Connection: China, bring on the Earth Pig

China has been a mysterious entity for most Colombians for many years, seen mostly as a source of cheap consumer goods and even cheaper mixed rice dishes. However, the Chinese whispers are getting louder as links between the two countries grow stronger.

Medellín to host Latin America’s first Center for Davos’ Fourth Industrial...

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Duque announced that Medellin had been tapped to...
Far International

Stress-free property investment

Far International can take the stress out of property investment with a range of options to help people build their lives abroad.

The secret to becoming the next YouTube sensation

According to Juan Diego Gómez who has almost a million followers on his YouTube channel, the most important thing is to give people something they can relate to.

As Venezuela’s woes worsen, Cúcuta looks elsewhere for trade

Colombia Venezuela border. Thousands make the daily journey across Simon Bolivar Bridge in the hopes of finding a better life. Photo...
CredibanCo’s DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion

Pay in your own currency right here in Colombia

CredibanCo’s DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion lets you to pay in your own currency in Colombia and with no nasty surprises when you get home.

Notes on a financial panic that never was

Last week there was quite a bit of noise regarding an ongoing campaign to boycott Grupo AVAL, the...
campin car park

City council scores with car park recovery

After decades of wrangling, the city finally regains control of Campín car park, with revenues of up to 30 million pesos on big match days.

ColaborAmérica Medellin 2018: Where is Latin America’s place in the sharing...

Last week in Medellín’s Parque Explora nearly 700 people from Latin America and around the world waded through clusters of children on class trips...