Top 2017 searches in Colombia

Top 2017 searches in Colombia

The minimum wage and Martín Elías were the two most googled terms in Google’s list of top 2017 searches in Colombia. Music and sports featured extensively, while ‘How to be a Latin Lover?’ was the most-asked question.

Don’t miss these top Bogotá restaurants

To mark the holiday season and a time when many people have time to eat out, The Bogotá Post has made a list of some of the top Bogotá restaurants.  Jim Cook has picked some of his favourite places to eat. Since it’s not in the Yuletide spirit to critique the restaurants, he’s stuck to places that are so good they didn’t need criticism.
New Year in Bogota

New Year in Bogotá

People travelling to Colombia around this time are no different, usually looking for somewhere fabulous to sing the local version of Auld Lang Syne and ring in the new year in style. However, if it’s your first time spending this occasion in the country, you’re probably in for a bit of a surprise.

Festive celebrations: Aguardiente

To spare you the nerve-wracking indecision that comes with picking which bottle of aguardiente to buy and rapidly down just prior to inevitably racking up untold international data fees from drunk dialling your ex, the intrepid staff at The Bogotá Post have taken the liberty of taste-testing eight of the more popular offerings and providing their impressions of each (all of these can be found in Bogotá).

Drunken Poets arrive in Bogotá

Have you noticed any of these playful poetic dolls hiding on the streets of Bogotá? Each one is clutching a tiny bottle of poetry and their creator, Andy Knowlton, calls them Drunken Poets. He says he wants to add a “little magic” to people’s days. He says, “I wanted to combine street art and poetry in a unique way, so the idea of making dolls just kind of popped into my head."

Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s archive made freely available online

Almost half of the digital archives of Colombian Nobel Prize Winner Gabriel Garcia Márquez have been  placed online by the University of Texas and...

Expoartesanías in pictures

One of the biggest crafts fairs in the world, Expoartesanías is an annual gathering of top artisans from all over the country. You can not only see how some of the products were made, you can also pick up some unusual and hand-crafted gifts.
Colombian cocktails

Festive celebrations: Colombian cocktails

Our annual holiday tradition of throwing a bunch of ingredients together and calling them cocktails continues. This year, we mix our favourite spirits with Colombian fruits and, inexplicably, Pony Malta. Our tried and tested recipes are an excellent guide to what does - and doesn't - go with what.
La Chorrera

Bogotá hiking: Falling for La Chorrera

La Chorrera waterfall is a remarkable 590 metres high, making it the highest in Colombia and 60th highest in the world. More remarkably, it’s just one hour’s drive from Bogotá, plus a beautiful three-hour hike (there and back) through lush Andean cloud forest.
Get Together

Let’s Get Together and say goodbye to 2017

We speak to the Get Together gang who are getting everybody together again to celebrate a whole year of parties with their usual mix of disco, house and funky grooves on Saturday, December 16.