Dia de la Cabra

Film review: El día de la cabra

El día de la cabra - Bad Lucky Goat - is a mystical comedy that follows the story of two siblings who accidentally run over a goat. The duo then have to go to great lengths to find the money to repair their father’s truck which hit the goat – and get rid of the bad luck received from killing of the goat (whose name is Vincent Van Goat – best goat name ever).

Top ten things to do at ArtBo 2017

With so much to see at ArtBo 2017, Jim Cook has ferreted out ten top things to see - from outstanding art to delicious nibbles.
Halloween Bogotá

All in for All Hallows 2017, Halloween in Bogotá

Newcomers might be surprised by the degree to which people celebrate Halloween in Bogotá. While Christmas is more a time for family and, let’s be honest, Amor y Amistad is more about the amor than the amistad, All Hallows is all about time with friends. Find out what to do for Halloween in the city.

Families finding art: ArtBo for families

October is the month of art in Bogotá. As art – and ArtBo – take over the city again, we discover the best places for people of all ages to get creative all year round.

Trendy Restaurant in Cartagena Prison Offers Female Inmates Second Chance

Passing along the lamp-lit, cobblestone streets of colonial Cartagena´s most picturesque neighborhood, Barrio San Diego, you’ll come across a building that seems completely out...
Sylvia Suárez

Sylvia Suárez, ArtBo’s 2017 Referentes curator

Out of all the non-commercial sections at ArtBo, the Referentes section is probably the least understood, and the one that often receives the least publicity. Which is why we speak to this year’s curator, Sylvia Suárez, who explained some of the thinking behind the show and why she decided to focus on graphic design.
ArtBo 2017

Galleries, curators, fairs and art arrive at ArtBo 2017

Art festivals big and small will be taking place throughout the month of October at various venues all over the city. There will be something for everyone in this month of art in the capital.
Stand-up comedy

Stand-up comedy in English: Are you having a laugh?

The Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey has launched a brave new project: stand-up comedy in English. Colombian comic Julio Escallón, who headlined the opening gig, chats to us about what to expect.
Craft beer

Craft beer is steaming along with another festival in Bogotá

With the explosion of craft beer in the city, there’s a corresponding explosion of beer festivals – chances to quaff the latest creations from the city’s master brewers.
Siete Cabezas

Film review: Siete cabezas

Siete cabezas, is a psychological thriller where director Jaime Osorio explores the religious and environmental fears that haunt modern humans.