Film review: Bastards y Diablos

Bastards y Diablos is about Ed and Dion two American half brothers that are reunited after the death of their Colombian father. Played by Andrew Perez and Dillon Porter, they are forced to travel to Colombia where they find out that their father left them instructions to scatter his ashes in the places that most mattered to him, sending them on a journey around the country.
Bastards y Diablos

Bastards y Diablos: Interview with actor-producer Dillon Porter

We caught up with actor-producer Dillon Porter before the premiere of Bastards y Diablos.
Poesía sin fin

Film review: Poesía sin fin

Poesía sin fin is an autobiographical movie that revolves around the conflict between young Alejandro, played by Jodorowsky’s own son, Adán, and his stern father, Jaime (played by Brontis Jodorowsky, Adáns older brother).
Bogotá geek culture

Bogotá geek culture: Still plenty of SOFA in the city

SOFA may be over, but Bogotá geek culture is alive and kicking. Here are some of our favourite shops from the festival.

“The problem with violence in Colombia is that the state is...

Conflict journalist Juan Miguel Alvarez, winner of the Simón Bolivar Award in 2017, recently spoke with The Bogotá Post about the role of independent...

SOFA stories: chats with people at this year’s geekfest

SOFA always attracts the weird and the wonderful – it’s a celebration of all things freaky and geeky. So we went to speak to some of the people with strange interests and hobbies.

SOFA 2018: Where to wander

With Bogotá’s annual geekathon now up and running, we take a look at some of this year’s highlights.

SOFA surfing, a SOFA board game

SOFA is one of our favourite times of year and there’s plenty of board games there, so we decided to make our own. 

BIFF is Back: Bogotá International film festival 2018

There’s a risky, spirited element to this year’s Bogotá International Film Festival.
Tiempo sin Olvido

‘Tiempo sin Olvido’ brings Colombia’s pre-Hispanic past to life

The Museo Nacional's Tiempo sin Olvido ‘proposes a journey through some of the basic characteristics of society that have transcended time.’