Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estéreo launches new video

The entertainment news from this month, with Bomba Estéreo, Juanes and Pariente in the spotlights, while a Colombian company is mixed up in a sex scandal

Got a broken heart? Spanish singer Rosana is hitting the stage...

Spanish singer Rosana will take the stage in four Colombian cities this month. She'll be presenting her most recent single, No Olvidarme de Olvidar - considered...
SOFA 2017

SOFA 2017: The dragon goes from strength to strength

It’s that time again when wizards, wookies and anime lookalikes walk the streets of Bogotá: the annual dose of geekery and nerdism known as SOFA 2017 has arrived!

Colombia’s biggest geek-fest is back in Bogotá, SOFA: So what?

October brings the rainy season and with it an incentive to pull the curtains and settle down for some serious chilling time at home. Luckily, in mid-October there’s a huge celebration of all things geeky and freaky, as SOFA lands once again in Bogotá. Its full name is the Salón de Ocio y Fantasía and it’s Colombia’s biggest event for anyone and everyone involved in niche leisure pursuits.
El cielo

El Cielo: A gastronomic rollercoaster ride

Top restaurant El Cielo celebrates its ten year anniversary by hosting pop-up events across the country, set to pique emotions and tantalise the tastebuds.
One Young World

One Young World coming to Bogotá

One Young World, an annual summit that aims to empower the leaders of tomorrow by providing a platform for them to engage with the problems of today, is coming to Bogotá.
Golden Lion Cider

The hike in popularity of cider in Colombia

Cider has arrived in Colombia, providing an appley alternative to beer and guaro. We have a chat with the pioneers who are behind the rise of cider in Colombia.

In Bogotá: top cafes in the city

Coffee shops serve a number of important roles for those who frequent them. For some, cafes are the physical and symbolic starting point of the day; the knob of the French press being the push-to-start ignition for a productive morning. For others, it’s a rendezvous point; the familiar place where groups of friends go when they need to meet up and air out the week’s dirty laundry.
family in Bogotá

A family abroad: Settling in in Bogotá

Moving to a new city with children? Here are some things to consider when thinking about schools, doctors and getting support. This is the first of a new column from The Bogotá Post that looks at family life in the city.

Graffiti in Bogotá: Urban art versus conservation

Wander up the narrow streets of La Candelaria that lead to the Chorro de Quevedo, the plaza packed with chicha-guzzling punters and street performers, and you might notice that some of the buildings have a new white-washed appearance. They've been painted (including painting over the graffiti) as part of an (IDPC) initiative to preserve the city’s heritage sites.