Santiago Uribe

He ain’t guilty, he’s my brother

Ex-president’s brother Santiago Uribe is accused of leading paramilitary group Santiago Uribe, brother of former president Álvaro Uribe, is being held in Medellín on charges...
Colombia minimum wage

Minimum wage rise, tax proposals spark anger amid high inflation

Finance minister Mauricio Cárdenas is facing an angry backlash to the new minimum wage as inflation eats into salaries.

Colombia urges Cuba to reconsider peace protocol and release ELN soldiers

President Iván Duque announces the capture of three ELN operatives in Choco and Nariño. Photo by César Carrión for
Colombia same sex adoption

Same-sex adoption: More homes for more children

Constitutional court rules 6-2 in favour of same-sex adoption. “A person’s sexual orientation or gender are not in and of themselves indicative of a lack...

J-rock in Colombia: RAION roars

We speak to the members of new Colombian J-rock band, RAION – Bogotá’s freshest addition to the Japanese culture scene.

“We are drawn to what we don’t know”: Artist Jorge Alderete...

Ten years ago, Jorge Alderete opened a book named Easter Island and its Mysteries by Steven Chauvet, and fell headfirst into an obsession with...
Ley Seca

Ley Seca Bleeds Profits Dry

Travis Crockett questions whether the Ley Seca law is really the answer to combating post-World Cup violence...
Colombia Venezuela dispute, Venzuela deports Colombians

Law and border

“If the minimum humanitarian conditions are met, I will sit down to solve this problem, and I assure President Maduro that we can solve...

Oli’s Big Topic: Hate-riotism-Patriotism

What does it mean to be patriotic? And how do you stop pride in your country turning into hatred for others? We consider the tricky topic of patriotism.
Uribe investigated

Uribe faces one less investigation

The Supreme Court of Justice announced on October 29 that it will not formally investigate former president Álvaro Uribe for aggravated conspiracy for granting...