14 dead, 36 injured after ‘chiva’ bus plummets over precipice

An accident involving a large chiva bus, near Sabanalarga in the Antioquia department, has shocked the country and brought grief to the local community. The...
Enrique Peñalosa, Peñalosa 100 days

100 days of Peñalosa

When he first stepped into office on January 2016, Enrique Peñalosa was confident, with ambitious plans for the city. As Bogotá's mayor celebrates his current administration’s first milestone, Diana Mejía takes stock of the achievements and controversies in what has been an eventful 100 days.
Colombia police code

New order: New police code

Large scale changes to procedures raise the question of whether the new police code will encourage civic responsibility or lead to increased corruption and abuses, writes Laura Sharkey.
Child Mortality in La Guajira

Top stories of 2015: Child Mortality in La Guajira – The...

Mike Mackenna explains why, since at least 2008, thousands of children have died from preventable causes in the coastal department of La Guajira.
donald trump bogota

Donald Trump cancels visit to Bogotá

  U.S. President Donald Trump has cancelled his Latin American travel plans to Bogotá and to Lima's Summit of the Americas in order to respond to the...
Colombia Peace Process 2016

In search of a lasting peace

Colombia has never been closer to reaching a comprehensive and definitive peace deal with the country’s largest left-wing rebel group, the FARC. The partial agreement on victims’ rights was finally published in its entirety on December, putting the peace talks back on track and renewing hopes for the signing of a final peace agreement. Veronika Hoelker outlines the challenges and prospects for 2016.

Big stories in 2017: Strikes, scandals and natural disasters

Colombia is a country with big news and 2017 has been no exception. Many of those have been sad events but we have been proud to bring them to an international audience.

Petro: Blow To Democracy

Bogotano voters are the real losers as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced last week that he  was approving the impeachment of Bogotá Mayor...
anthony bourdain colombia

Anthony Bourdain saw the best of Colombia through its people

  Anthony Bourdain's suicide on June 8 brought about an outpouring of words from those he touched in his years as a television host and...

Colombia says Venezuelans are involved in ELN terrorist attacks

Venezuelans are taking part in ELN attacks, Colombia’s defence minister has said, as border issues continue to cause troubles for both countries. Luis Carlos...