Colombian corruption

Combating the Colombian corruption crisis

As Odebrecht admits to bribery on a massive international scale, Emily Hastings examines the impact that corruption has on Colombia and how things might change in the future.
Betty Encinales, Becruit

Betty Encinales: Not just surviving, thriving abroad

With an engaging personality and an impressive track record, it’s not hard to see why Betty Encinales won the UK 2016 Migrant Woman Entrepreneur Award back in May. We caught up with the effusive 36-year-old who set up her own boutique recruitment company called Becruit in London last year, and started by asking her about some of the differences between doing business in Colombia and the UK.
Colombia-UK relations

A new phase in Colombia-UK relations

As Colombia negotiates peace, so the United Kingdom negotiates its withdrawal from the European Union: both countries on the edge of huge possible change, both dealing with legal and popular opposition to those changes.
Colombian military, defence industry

Military spending: The economy of defence

One of the consequences of years of violence is that Colombia has spent decades investing in its military capacity. Marian Romero finds out more about the considerable market potential of the country’s defence industry.
workplace gender equality

Gender equality: Women working for less

The second gender equality ranking in Colombia was published last month. Laura Sharkey spoke to several women workers to understand what’s behind the numbers.
Eco Oro Colombia

Eco Oro threatens to sue Colombia over páramo

With three international mining company Eco Oro threatening to sue Colombia, Julian Kircher takes a look at a classic case of green vs gold, as environmental ethics tangle with economic expansion.
Latin America Asia Trade Links

Latin America and Asia trade links: Tigers courting jaguars

Separated by the largest water mass on the planet, Latin America and Asia are perhaps not the most obvious of business allies. Siddharth Mohan looks at the evolution of ever-increasing trade links between the two continents.
emerging markets, Robert Abad, Emerging market economies

Embracing the big picture

Emerging market economies, not least Colombia’s, are facing severe headwinds and investors – be they restaurant owners or oil magnates – are facing new challenges. Robert Abad, a seasoned emerging markets fund manager turned mentor, tells Olly West that, when doing business in the developing world, it’s important to keep things in perspective.
Ana María Ibáñez, post-peace economy

The long-term benefits of the post-peace economy

Although benefits from the signing of a peace deal will not outweigh the external pressures on the economy in the short term, the positive impact of the end of the internal conflict will be felt for decades to come.

The thorn in Ecopetrol’s side

The ambitious construction programme at Reficar, Colombia’s largest oil refinery, was initially budgeted at USD$3.89 billion, but it looks like the final bill will be over USD$8 billion – or 3.4% of the country’s GDP – sparking national outrage.

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reading in English

Reading in English: A guide for learners

Reading is a significant part of the language and reading in English is particularly useful, much more than speaking or listening, because of the massive quantity of literature available. Oliver Pritchard’s guide to reading will have you finding good texts and reading between the lines like a pro.
La Niña

La Niña: Life after war

La Niña is a new series which follows the life of a woman trying to escape her past as a guerrilla fighter in a fitting story for Colombia’s current situation. Jazid Contreras speaks to director Rodrigo Triana.
Plan pistola

Police targets of plan pistola

Plan pistola sees cash bounties offered for the murders of police officers. In his latest column, Gerald Barr looks at the motives behind such attacks and how the police are responding.
Colombian strikes, Teachers' strike Colombia, Buenaventura protests, paro profesores,

Colombian strikes hold up country

Less than halfway through the year, Colombia has seen a significant number of civil and union strikes across the territory, with teachers’ strikes in major cities and civil action in Chocó and Buenaventura.
Bogotá brunch

Bogotá Brunch

Whether you have countless stories to chat about from the night, week or month before, fancy a catch up with friends or you are just really hungry, brunch is the new buzzword in Bogotá. Laura Sharkey has the lowdown on where to get the best not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch in the city.
Chicaque National Park

Chicaque: A walk in the clouds

At Chicaque Nature Reserve, Just south of Bogotá, fresh air, nature, and birds provide a welcome escape from the city, writes Laura Brown.

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