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CredibanCo’s DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion

Pay in your own currency right here in Colombia

CredibanCo’s DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion lets you to pay in your own currency in Colombia and with no nasty surprises when you get home.

Notes on a financial panic that never was

Last week there was quite a bit of noise regarding an ongoing campaign to boycott Grupo AVAL, the...

Colombia’s Most Valuable Beer Is Actually…Belgian

Aguila is steadily climbing the ranks as the bona fide beer brand of Colombia. The business valuation company, Brand Finance, deemed the beer famous...

Lucha Libre is fighting for a comeback in Colombia

High-flying maneuvers, a roaring audience and lots and lots of spandex: Lucha Libre--Latin America's answer to professional wrestling--may seem to outsiders to fall anywhere...
Colombian novena

Novenas: an oh-so-Colombian tradition

As December gets underway, you will no doubt begin to hear Colombians talking about their upcoming novenas, a tradition unique to Colombia and parts...
political parties in Colombia

The political parties in Colombia

Half of the Colombian presidential campaign revolves around candidates trying to gain the support and endorsement of the various political parties, so we've put together a guide to some of the big players in the political landscape.

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