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Avianca pilot strike

Avianca pilot strike pushed to arbitration

The government has stepped in after tensions deepened on both sides of the Avianca pilot strike. The case will now go to arbitration as the country’s biggest airline have failed to reach an agreement with the striking pilots.
Colombian corruption

Combating the Colombian corruption crisis

As Odebrecht admits to bribery on a massive international scale, Emily Hastings examines the impact that corruption has on Colombia and how things might change in the future.

Medellín to host Latin America’s first Center for Davos’ Fourth Industrial...

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Duque announced that Medellin had been tapped to...
Eco Oro Colombia

Eco Oro threatens to sue Colombia over páramo

With three international mining company Eco Oro threatening to sue Colombia, Julian Kircher takes a look at a classic case of green vs gold, as environmental ethics tangle with economic expansion.
Doing business in Colombia, Bogota Entrepreneurs,

Starting a business in Colombia: Entrepreneurs’ experiences

Improved security and a high-growth economy are driving ever more people to try to fulfil their dreams — and fill their pockets — by...
Panama Papers

Panama Papers investigation leads to arrest of top Colombian executives

Andrés Jiménez, Colombia's chief financial ​prosecutor, announced that at least 19 prominent Colombian business people have now been arrested or indicted for their potential involvement in the money-laundering scandal which rocked the world back in 2015.
Colombian economy

IMF says Colombian economy ‘at turning point’

Following their annual visit, the IMF says the Colombian economy is 'at turning point,' highlighting the need to improve infrastructure, address informality in the labour force and reduce barriers to international trade.
workplace gender equality

Gender equality: Women working for less

The second gender equality ranking in Colombia was published last month. Laura Sharkey spoke to several women workers to understand what’s behind the numbers.
English Business Nights

Colombia’s industrial revolution

Juan David Piedrahíta Cardona gives his perspective on the next steps for the economy.
Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee: The new black gold?

The National Federation of Coffee Growers has a lot to celebrate as coffee production continues to rise but, as the organisation’s president explains, the industry also faces significant challenges. Emma Newbery wakes up and smells the Colombian coffee.