Plastic surgery in Colombia

Plastic surgery in Colombia is big business. Ranked at number 11 worldwide for the total number of procedures, the country is targeting medical tourism as a possible area of further economic expansion. Experiences, both good and bad, are everywhere to be found.

Flying high: Colombian airlines

Commercial airlines posted record profits in 2016, suggesting the traditionally volatile aviation industry could be an attractive proposition for investors. As passenger numbers grow and profits increase worldwide, the aviation industry believes Colombian airlines might offer lofty returns, though there may be some turbulence ahead.
Mujeres Empresarias Colombianas, Colombian women entrepreneurs, Colombian businesswomen

Mujeres Empresarias Colombianas make their mark

Colombian women entrepreneurs have played leading roles in creating some of the most successful businesses in Colombia, ranging from fitness to laughter. Luisa Leon was at the launch of a new book, Mujeres Empresarias Colombianas, that tells their stories.
Colombian budget supermarkets

Colombian budget supermarkets battle

Budget supermarkets D1, Justo y Bueno and Ara have made their presence felt on the streets of Bogotá. But behind the discount products, there are some heavyweight legal battles going on, as Emily Hastings finds out.
ExpoConstrucción Bogotá

ExpoConstrucción – Building a better Bogotá

Sustainability was the buzzword at this year’s ExpoConstrucción, as Oliver Pritchard found out at the Corferias construction show.
Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee: The new black gold?

The National Federation of Coffee Growers has a lot to celebrate as coffee production continues to rise but, as the organisation’s president explains, the industry also faces significant challenges. Emma Newbery wakes up and smells the Colombian coffee.

Fincruit: A base for business

Some would call it crazy, quitting a job with a six figure salary to come and start a recruitment company in Bogotá, even more so if you know no one and have never lived there. Phoebe Hopson speaks to British-Colombian entrepreneur Pablo Miller, who is ahead of the curve, and determined make shock waves with his innovative company Fincruit.
Colombian tax reforms

Colombian tax reforms: How you are affected?

As the new tax reforms come into force, Phoebe Hopson finds out why the government has pushed through politically unpopular measures and what you need to know to make sure you successfully adapt to the changes.
Colombian corruption

Combating the Colombian corruption crisis

As Odebrecht admits to bribery on a massive international scale, Emily Hastings examines the impact that corruption has on Colombia and how things might change in the future.
Betty Encinales, Becruit

Betty Encinales: Not just surviving, thriving abroad

With an engaging personality and an impressive track record, it’s not hard to see why Betty Encinales won the UK 2016 Migrant Woman Entrepreneur Award back in May. We caught up with the effusive 36-year-old who set up her own boutique recruitment company called Becruit in London last year, and started by asking her about some of the differences between doing business in Colombia and the UK.