Rostros, Rastros y Trazos, Daniel Esquivia Zapata

Rostros, Rastros y Trazos: A mural to remember

Rostros, Rastros y Trazos, a mural depicting life-sized portraits of nine murdered teachers and activists alongside words that reflect their lives will soon be unveiled in the National Pedagogical University. Christina Noriega talked with Daniel Esquivia Zapata, the artist who created the powerful images.
Partners of the Americas Colombia

Colombia’s youth ambassadors

Emma Newbery meets Colombia’s returning Youth Ambassadors and finds out how they plan to build change It’s not often that you get asked for a...
Los Puentes Ink Crew

Los Puentes: Colouring a community

A large-scale art project sees some 400 houses painted in vibrant hues by the local community along with graffiti collective Ink Crew, Diana Mejía and Chris Erb visit the south Bogotá neighbourhood of Los Puentes.

Immigration: Barriers to love

Immigration is a topic that has been discussed a lot in the UK over the past few years, Daniel Steel shows the human face behind immigration policy.
Colombia Korea relations

The Korean connection, Colombia in the korean war

North Korea hit the headlines this year when, on January 5, they claimed to have detonated their first hydrogen bomb. This was yet another threat to an uneasy peace which has lasted since the end of the Korean War. Kieran Duffy goes back over 65 years and takes a look at the little known role that 4,314 Colombians played in 1953.
Colombia coca production

Curbing coca production

In the first of a two part series, Siddharth Mohan examines the resurgent coca production industry in Colombia. This edition focuses on the plight of the country’s coca farmers.
Colombian Peace Process, Rodeemos el Diálogo,

2014: Peace

Gwen Burnyeat and Andrei Gómez-Suárez, of NGO Rodeemos el Dialogo, look back on a significant year in the FARC-government peace negotiations 2014 has been an...
Colombian peace process

Peace Process explained

In 2012, the FARC and Colombian government entered into peace talks in Havana, Cuba, in an attempt to bring the conflict to an end, and have been engaged in such talks ever since.

SITP buses are back after thousands were left stranded in Ciudad...

Residents of Ciudad Bolivar, in southwest Bogota, woke up to a surprise yesterday morning: there were no buses running. Bus routes were suspended due to...

The Kamikaze Kids of Robledo, Medellin

Everyone in Medellin has seen them. Kids as young as 8 attaching themselves to the back bumpers of trucks and buses and hitching a...