The transgender community’s push for progress

A painful past with a promising future: Ana Sophia García offers a glimmer of hope for the trans community in Bogotá.
Cerveza Águila's price lowered. What's behind this decision?

In Colombia, Bavaria rules the beer market

Next time you drink a cold Águila beer for $1.500, you can thank James Rodriguez. Bavaria has decided to lower price of one of its...

The dark side of Santa Marta

Armed gangs lurk in the shadows of Santa Marta, burning a farm for tourists to the ground in this tourist haven on the Colombian coast.
Colombia Local Elections 2019

A forecast of Colombia’s upcoming local elections

Candidates for the position of Mayor of Medellín: Víctor Correa, Jesús Ramirez and Daniel Quintero (left-right). Image courtesy of Víctor Correa.
Carnaval del Maíz del Trueque y del Perdón

Carnaval del Maíz, del Trueque y del Perdón

What if we moulded a micro-utopia with our hands? What if we built an immense bridge, which united both the city and the countryside in a deeply polarised society? What if we showcased the values and virtues of rural Colombia? These questions provided the backbone for an inspired weekend in Choachí, Cundinamarca, the Carnaval del Maíz, del Trueque y del Perdón.

The Bogota Post: The Birthday Party

Amazingly, it’s been a full year since we launched the newspaper. None of this would have been anywhere near possible without the hard work...
Pope Francis in Colombia

Land of Pope and glory

Pope Francis is set to visit Colombia next month on a four-day tour which will take him to Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín and Cartagena. He will fly into the capital on September 6 and return to Rome from the coast on the 11th.

Bachué: block by block

Who would have thought that Bachué, a French-Swiss architect from almost a century ago, would have a communal housing design taking root in northern Bogotá?

The last straw

Saying no to straws is one of many ways to reduce your plastic consumption.
French connection

The French connection in Colombia

Oooh la la! Colombia’s links to the country of romance and wine go back to independence.