Can he win? Gustavo Petro’s extraordinary path to the presidency

Last week Gustavo Petro tweeted that the followers of former president Alvaro Uribe “rape journalists and murder witnesses. And yet, there are people who...
Untouchables , Bogotá quirks, Colombia contradictions

The Untouchables: getting a revisión técnica for your car

Gerald Barr begins his new column on some of the curiosities and contradictions of life in Colombia with an exhausting journey

Museum of forgetting

Oliver Pritchard explores ideas of memory and forgetfulness with curator Cristina Lleras Who, what, where, when The Museo Efimero de Olvido brings together 46 projects...

Colombia Connection: China, bring on the Earth Pig

China has been a mysterious entity for most Colombians for many years, seen mostly as a source of cheap consumer goods and even cheaper mixed rice dishes. However, the Chinese whispers are getting louder as links between the two countries grow stronger.
Partners of the Americas Colombia

Colombia’s youth ambassadors

Emma Newbery meets Colombia’s returning Youth Ambassadors and finds out how they plan to build change It’s not often that you get asked for a...
Colombia Schengen Visa

Schengen opens its doors

As Schengen countries sign off on visa-free access for Colombians and Peruvians, Daniel Steel speaks to the Spanish Consul General about what the decision...

‘Can you make it?’ campaign crosses Europe

How far would you get if you had no money, no cards, and only a couple of cans of Red Bull to trade?
Los Puentes Ink Crew

Los Puentes: Colouring a community

A large-scale art project sees some 400 houses painted in vibrant hues by the local community along with graffiti collective Ink Crew, Diana Mejía and Chris Erb visit the south Bogotá neighbourhood of Los Puentes., the times they are a-changing

From corruption to the environment, Colombia is one of the countries where online petition site has the biggest impact per user. Victoria Emanuelli and Jonatan Rodríguez from explain some of the campaigns and tell us how the site works.

A desalination plant in La Guajira sparks hopes of solving crippling...

On the arid plains of Colombia's northeastern peninsula, the mostly indigenous communities are lucky if it rains twice a year. Some years, it doesn't...