Ask Jazid, Colombian superstitions

Do you believe in Colombian superstitions?

Every country has its own unique rituals that people use to attract good fortune and repel bad luck. In his latest column, our intrepid agony uncle Jazid Contreras explores some of these quirky Colombian superstitions and the magical thinking behind them.
Running in Bogota, Bogota half marathon

Bogota on the run, running in Colombia

There’s a running revolution taking place around the world - people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe are donning...
Buying a property in Colombia

The tale of Don Jairo’s flat

Gerald Barr discovered that buying a flat was not quite as straightforward as it first appeared. In fact, he found more twists than the road to Choachí, with some interesting scenery along the way.

Colombian history: the conquistadors and Bogotá in 1538

As the capital celebrates its birthday, we follow Jiménez along the salt trails to the home of the Muisca.

Andrés París interview: Former FARC chief weighs in on Colombian peace...

Former FARC chief Andrés Paris (left) pictured with Jesús Santrich. Picture provided by Andrés Paris. In a...

The last straw

Saying no to straws is one of many ways to reduce your plastic consumption.
San Andrecito Bogota, Colombia contraband goods

Much ado about smuggling

Martha Ferro visits San Andresito to find out about the impact of new laws The Colombian government is determined to battle contraband. And, amongst others,...
Plan pistola

Police targets of plan pistola

Plan pistola sees cash bounties offered for the murders of police officers. In his latest column, Gerald Barr looks at the motives behind such attacks and how the police are responding.

Bogotá’s Scooters: Harmless fun or serious hazard?

The Bogotá Post decided to take to the streets to find out more about the current boom on scooters in the capital.

Deforestation in Colombia: The forest is burning

Deforestation in the Amazon has reached a critical point – if action is not taken now, the eco-systems will not recover.