Viva Air Labs announces finalists for its aviation industry competition

Viva Air, looking to accelerate ideas that will reignite the aviation industry, has announced the 10 finalists...

Colombian graffiti artist Ecks marks the spot

The very nature of street art means that, often, little is known about the artists behind it. The Bogotá Post had the pleasure of catching up with one of Bogotá’s most acclaimed street artists, Ecks, after he and his crew, Vertigo, returned from painting a six-storey mural in Amman, Jordan.

Can he win? Gustavo Petro’s extraordinary path to the presidency

Last week Gustavo Petro tweeted that the followers of former president Alvaro Uribe “rape journalists and murder witnesses. And yet, there are people who...

Auras Anónimas, El Testigo and Los Fragmentos.

We follow in the trail of the ‘Culture Cab’ from BBC’s The Arts Hour visiting El Testigo and other expositions about the armed conflict.

Multinational in Medellin brings on new Talos Enterprise Blockchain President

Talos Digital, an international tech organization with one of the largest presences in Medellin, has brought on...

SITP buses are back after thousands were left stranded in Ciudad...

Residents of Ciudad Bolivar, in southwest Bogota, woke up to a surprise yesterday morning: there were no buses running. Bus routes were suspended due to...
Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Laureate Bogotá

16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates arrives in Bogotá

The 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates brought a powerful message of peace, forgiveness and inclusion. Ex-combatants dressed in white walked and danced around the stage to the words of Gabriel García Márquez then passed white ribbon through the crowd before leaving their final message: “We are going to weave peace.” We explore four key topics of the event.

Colombo Americano Library: A secret sanctuary for readers

Hidden inside an unassuming building in the centre of Bogotá is the country’s best English-language library. 

The dark side of Santa Marta

Armed gangs lurk in the shadows of Santa Marta, burning a farm for tourists to the ground in this tourist haven on the Colombian coast., the times they are a-changing

From corruption to the environment, Colombia is one of the countries where online petition site has the biggest impact per user. Victoria Emanuelli and Jonatan Rodríguez from explain some of the campaigns and tell us how the site works.