Bogotá restaurants, Amarti Bogotá

Eating out in Bogotá, Bogotá restaurants

We love food. We love eating it. We love reading about it. We love writing about it. We love thinking about it. We just...

Craft beer: Bring us beer, we’re gonna drink while we’re here!

Colombia is a country that produces fantastic liquids. From soups and broths such as cazuela or ajíaco, through coffee and hot chocolate to avena. Now, beer’s joining the party. Of course, there have always been the nacionales, which are actually pretty good standard session lagers, but we are taking a look at cervezas artesanales, ‘craft beer’ in English.

Multinational in Medellin partners to launch Talos Enterprise Blockchain

Talos Digital, a tech company with one of the largest international presences in Medellin, has teamed up...
Ask Jazid, Colombian superstitions

Do you believe in Colombian superstitions?

Every country has its own unique rituals that people use to attract good fortune and repel bad luck. In his latest column, our intrepid agony uncle Jazid Contreras explores some of these quirky Colombian superstitions and the magical thinking behind them.

2014: Transport

It’s been quite a year in Bogota transport. May at last saw the introduction of a Transmilenio line taking passengers to the airport. Transmilenio...

The last straw

Saying no to straws is one of many ways to reduce your plastic consumption.
Tumaco, Colombian peace process

For troubled Tumaco the peace accord is only the first step

For the people of Tumaco, a city in Nariño, close to the border with Ecuador, peace remains a very distant concept. About 85% of the people there live in poverty, and there have already been more than 80 homicides this year. Katherine Barnes visited as part of the International Caravana Lawyers group so that they can receive first hand testimony from human rights defenders.

2015 in numbers

Colombia has had a mixed 2015; the peace process has seen significant progress after a shaky few months, legislative elections took place throughout the country and the economy continues to worry many. Laura Sharkey takes a look at some of the numbers which have defined the year…
Bus hustlers of medellin

The bus hustlers of Medellín

With over 15,000 street vendors in Medellín selling everything from chocolates and mirrors to arepas and batteries, the men and women that hawk their...

The intrepid travels of photographer Lucana in her vintage ’61 Mercedes

On a sunny afternoon last week, we sat down with traveller and photographer Ana Lucia Perez Tobón at her home in Poblado, to talk...