Behind closed doors: Domestic violence against children in quarantine

As tensions and challenges from the nationwide quarantine increase, the usual channels that might pick up on abuse are not working.
Bogotá weather

Weathering the Bogotá weather

Rain? Sun? Hail? In his latest column on some of the idiosyncrasies of life here, Gerald Barr says your guess on Bogotá weather is as good as his.

Graffiti in Bogotá: Urban art versus conservation

Wander up the narrow streets of La Candelaria that lead to the Chorro de Quevedo, the plaza packed with chicha-guzzling punters and street performers, and you might notice that some of the buildings have a new white-washed appearance. They've been painted (including painting over the graffiti) as part of an (IDPC) initiative to preserve the city’s heritage sites.

In the shadow of Los Pachencas

Soon after moving to Colombia, Richard made his dream to create a wildlife reserve in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta a reality. But then he crossed paths with an armed gang that terrorises the region.

A look into Colombia’s e-commerce industry in the time of COVID-19

Over the past 20 years, the Andrean nation of Colombia has seen its population rise steadily from...
Holberton School Software Engineers Colombia

Holberton School Medellín: Training the next generation of software engineers

Holberton School, Medellín. Photo by Sophie Foggin. The Holberton School, first established in San Francisco in 2016,...
Raúl Sánchez ICC

The International Criminal Court: Bringing justice to the world

Daniel Steel speaks with the first Colombian lawyer to serve in the International Criminal Court (ICC), and finds out more about why he became a lawyer, as well as the functions of the ICC and the role they will have to play in any post-conflict scenario.
Boa Mistura urban art collective

Urban art intervention

Juliana Hernández Delatorre meets a Spanish urban art collective in Bogotá to find out more about the social and political implications of art and the power it has to make a change.
Bogota Environment, Bogotá recycling

Bogotá recycling – A waste of time

Charlotte Ryan examines Bogotá's rubbish problem, Bogotá recycling, and the government’s apparent disregard for a growing community of environmentally conscious citizens. Bogotá has a waste...
Bilingual receptionist

Bogotá Works: Angélica the bilingual receptionist

How many times have you had an appointment in a company and paid little attention to the person taking your details? Angélica, a bilingual...