European border controls, Schengen travel

Shaking up Schengen

As several Schengen countries reintroduce border checks, Kieran Duffy finds out what the upheavals could mean for Colombian tourists who have just started to enjoy visa-free access.
Zika virus Colombia

WHO: Zika virus ‘spreading explosively’ in the Americas

Diana Mejía takes a look at the Zika virus, which has triggered worldwide concern and caused an international health emergency As reports of Zika infections continue...
Natalia Springer

Top stories of 2015: The odyssey of Natalia Springer

Mike Mackenna explains how “expert” analyst and alleged world-class scam artist Natalia Springer was able to make millions of dollars turning in poorly regarded...
Child Mortality in La Guajira

Top stories of 2015: Child Mortality in La Guajira – The...

Mike Mackenna explains why, since at least 2008, thousands of children have died from preventable causes in the coastal department of La Guajira.
Rodolfo Palomino, Colombia police corruption

Top stories of 2015: Colombian police corruption scandal

With accusations of sex, murder, prostitution and cover ups, the Colombian national police have been rocked by allegations of dodgy dealings going back as far as 1998 and reaching all the way to the top: the head of the National Police, General Rodolfo Palomino. Mike Mackenna summarises the scandal.
Colombia Peace Process 2016

In search of a lasting peace

Colombia has never been closer to reaching a comprehensive and definitive peace deal with the country’s largest left-wing rebel group, the FARC. The partial agreement on victims’ rights was finally published in its entirety on December, putting the peace talks back on track and renewing hopes for the signing of a final peace agreement. Veronika Hoelker outlines the challenges and prospects for 2016.
Colombian Peace Process, FARC Colombia

A lot of peace work

As the peace negotiations continue to progress, Mike Mackenna takes a look at some of the debates taking place throughout the country that will impact the way the final deal gets implemented.
Metro Bogotá

Peñalosa vs. Petro: The Metro

Mike Mackenna breaks down Bogotá Mayor-Elect Enrique Peñalosa and outgoing Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro’s most recent public spat, over the Bogotá metro construction project Bogotá...
Indonesian forest fires

Feeding the fire

Forest fires are dominating headlines in Colombia and around the world. Kieran Duffy looks at the human factors that exacerbate the problem and asks what lessons can be learned...
Bogota Cumpleaños 447

Happy birthday Bogota!

On August 6, Bogota celebrated its 477th birthday and since it is a long wait until the city hits the big 500, we thought...