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My first SOFA

Five highlights from a first-timer at SOFA 2019 - the event's tenth anniversary edition. There's LEGO, medieval sword-fighting and plenty more.

Soaring through SOFA

SOFA, Bogotá's annual geekfest, always has a lot to offer. We help you to find the best at this year's fair.

SOFA 2019: Ten years on the SOFA

SOFA, Colombia’s leading festival dedicated to all things geek is a decade old and promises to be bigger and better than ever. This weekend in Bogotá.
Bogotá geek culture

Bogotá geek culture: Still plenty of SOFA in the city

SOFA may be over, but Bogotá geek culture is alive and kicking. Here are some of our favourite shops from the festival.

SOFA stories: chats with people at this year’s geekfest

SOFA always attracts the weird and the wonderful – it’s a celebration of all things freaky and geeky. So we went to speak to some of the people with strange interests and hobbies.

SOFA 2018: Where to wander

With Bogotá’s annual geekathon now up and running, we take a look at some of this year’s highlights.

SOFA surfing, a SOFA board game

SOFA is one of our favourite times of year and there’s plenty of board games there, so we decided to make our own. 
SOFA 2017

SOFA 2017: The dragon goes from strength to strength

It’s that time again when wizards, wookies and anime lookalikes walk the streets of Bogotá: the annual dose of geekery and nerdism known as SOFA 2017 has arrived!

Colombia’s biggest geek-fest is back in Bogotá, SOFA: So what?

October brings the rainy season and with it an incentive to pull the curtains and settle down for some serious chilling time at home. Luckily, in mid-October there’s a huge celebration of all things geeky and freaky, as SOFA lands once again in Bogotá. Its full name is the Salón de Ocio y Fantasía and it’s Colombia’s biggest event for anyone and everyone involved in niche leisure pursuits.
SOFA 2016

SOFA 2016: Cosplay, Community, and Computers!

Phil Stoneman pays a visit to SOFA, Bogotá’s annual geekfest, and finds out that one of the highlights of the year is still as vibrant an event as ever.

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Spanish tongue twisters: Tres tristes tigres

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