English Grammar

Back to basics!

In the second part of his back-to-basics series, Oliver Pritchard takes a look at word types: nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Avoid making mistakes by understanding how to spot them and how to use them

Lights, camera, byline: how to write a film review

Films are one of those topics that pretty much everyone likes. They’re also very common on exams like IELTS. How to write a film review.
Colombian Slang, Colombian Spanish

Safe word

As we continue learning vocabulary related to all areas of life in Bogota, we can’t avoid the topic of crime and safety, Katie Jacoby makes sure you have your wits and your words about you...

Rockin’ the chocolatina

Want to stick to those New Year's resolutions? Thinking about getting into shape? We have the perfect piece for you - all the local body and fitness lingo you need to shape up in 2015

A question of language: How to form questions in English

Are you OK? Do you need a helping hand? This month Phil Stoneman looks at how to form questions in English.
english make the most

Study better, not harder: How to make the most out of...

If you want to make the most out of studying English then these tips will help you up your efficiency and make every second of study count.

Reporting for duty: How to write reports in English

Writing reports in English can seem like difficult work: so much information to include, and a very specific way to write it all to make it as clear as possible. With this guide to writing reports in English, you’ll be a report master before you know it.
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The language of elections

As the city returns to normal after the mayoral elections Katie Jacoby gets our vote of confidence as she whips through the vocabulary of voting.

Back to the Future

We help you make your New Year’s resolutions  and talk about the year ahead Happy New Year! Across the world, many people celebrate the new...

I used to be bad at this: mastering the ‘used to’...

People often get confused when talking about habits from the past. Here are some top tips on how to master the skill and leave...