Game for anything

We talked in a previous edition about how to practise your English outside the classroom. Oliver Pritchard enters into the holiday season with a run-down of games to played, so there’s no excuse to stop learning during the holidays.

Formal language and written English letters

In the first of two articles on letter writing, we look at writing in formal English. A difficult part of language learning is formality. It’s easy to chat with friends, but that’s not always an appropriate way to talk to everybody. Whether on email or snail mail, it’s important to be able to use formal language. Oliver Pritchard looks at some do’s and don’ts of formal communication.
Colombian Spanish Slang

Come dance with me

Katie Jacoby spins you around the Spanish dance floor. If you’ve caught the salsa bug or are eyeing some classes but are unsure of the vocabulary, this article is for you.

Instead of avoiding it, use translation tricks to improve your English

If you’ve been told you should never translate when learning English, forget it…instead use your Spanish efficiently and smartly.
Reading in spanish

Spanish book talk

With the city’s annual book fair just around the corner, Katie Jacoby shows her bookworm side with some useful Spanish reading vocab.
English accents

Getting to grips with regional accents in the United Kingdom

Accents are a funny thing, especially in English. Learn about regional variations in the United Kingdom, from Cockney rhyming slang and the Queen’s English, to incomprehensible Scottish and a bit of archaic Yorkshire chat.

English language: We’re going through changes

As English language changes, you want to be on the right side of his(or her)tory.
Reading in English

Paint the town read

With the excellent FILBo coming up, we’re going to look at reading this week. From finding good sources to helpful reading activities, Oliver Pritchard guides us through some ways to make the most of book learning.
American English

Nations divided by a common language

In the second installment of our journey through the regional variations of the English language, this time we stop off in the USA, where we look at some of the common characteristics, grammar, spelling and accent differences between British and American English.

Swearing in English

Cursing. Potty mouth. Docker’s language. Salty words. Swearing in a foreign language is something that can easily make you sound very strange. Oliver Pritchard guides us through one of his favourite pastimes.