Colombian Police Reform Bill, Police Code Reform Colombia

Police reform bill: Human rights on a slippery slope

With potentially oppressive measures, the proposed police reform bill could affect our personal freedom, allowing cops to enter your home, and right to free speech. Mike Mackenna explains the details.

Oli’s big topic: I’m a migrant too

A lot of people look down upon Venezuelan migration. But many of us have similar stories and situations – more empathy is needed.
Journalism in Colombia

Journalism in Colombia

We take a look at different perspectives on journalism in Colombia, with Cristian Valencia, Hollman Morris and Kevin Howlett all sharing their thoughts on the industry today
Colombian Teacher's Strike

Teachers’ strikes: Thank you, Minister Parody

As the teachers’ strike continues, Juan Gabriel Pineda believes that Education Minister Gina Parody has allowed us to ask fundamental questions about the public...
Pro Christmas opinion, CHristmas list

Crackling over Christmas

Like it or lump it, Christmas is a major event in the calendar year. We listen to both sides of the argument with two people who share very differing views on the festive period

Opinion: No justice, no peace

Colombian President Iván Duque at a memorial service for victims of a car bombing in Bogotá last month. Photo by ...
Salento Colombia, Colombian coffee

Salento: A tinto too far

As a traveller, complaining about tourism is like complaining about traffic jams while sitting in a car. After a visit to Colombia's famed Zona Cafetera, coffee tourism in Salento leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste for Emma Newbery.

Hidroituango or: The greatest project nobody wants to take responsibility for

Since April of 2018 the emergency around the Hidroituango project has kept national and local authorities on...

Bogotá Nights: Lent

Considering giving something up for lent? Find out what Oli and Brendan will give up this lent in Bogotá Nights.

Opinion: What the US midterm elections mean for Latin America

Colombia has remained a solidly bipartisan issue in the US Congress. However a change in party also means a change in priorities. As a...