Colombia illegal mining

Illegal mining: better than cocaine

Mike Mackenna delves into some of the complex issues raised by illegal mining The headlines have been full of illegal mining recently after a major...
Taxi Uber

Uber vs Taxis: The Bogotá transport debate

The arrival of Uber has stirred up controversy with some remaining faithful to yellow cabs and others converting to the newcomer, Laura Sharkey looks at both sides of the debate and Emily Hastings runs through the most recent events.

End of Bogotá quarantine: 5 things that can jog on

With our Brave New Reality now firmly in place, let’s all wave goodbye to this list of irritations…hopefully!
Bogotá City Council

With great power comes little accountability

The Bogotá city council has problems. A quarter of Bogotanos don’t even know that it exists. Of those who do, 65% are unimpressed by its performance. Mike Mackenna casts a critical eye over the role of the city's second highest administrative authority.
Police code Colombia

Oli’s big topic: Who polices the police?

There’s a clear discrepancy between what is officially allowed and what is actually happening in Bogotá at the moment.
Government sells Isagen

Blowing a fuse over Isagen

In a trend no one could have predicted, pawn shop based reality shows like Pawn Stars have taken over your television. Mike Mackenna asks why Santos is selling off the state’s crown jewel.

Opinion: The anti-corruption reform is doomed

On September 19 President Iván Duque introduced, to much fanfare, eight anti-corruption bills to Congress. This development came shortly after the Anti-Corruption Popular Consultation...
Oli Logo

Oli’s Big Topic: Society rules

Breaking the law…but following the rules

Tourist trap: tours in Colombia under pressure

A local tour operator complains that the heavy handed implementation of arcane rules threatens to throttle the industry.

Only muppets like Christmas

Christmas is a riot of over consumption and greed, argues our columnist.