Transmilenio Bogota, Female only Transmilenio

A Senseless Solution?

Jenny Boyle expresses her opinions about the recently implemented trial of women-only Transmilenio sections. The Transmilenio debate has opened up a nasty can of worms...
Police Progress Report

Police: A Progress Report

No doubt you’ve all heard the horror stories: Western travellers in Latin America getting on the wrong side of the law, naively or otherwise,...

Not as simple as ‘with or against’

The sad events at Charlie Hebdo in Paris are clearly an affront to so many things that we hold dear in society, not least the right to free speech. Azzam Alkadhi rejects the idea that all Muslims should apologise for the crimes of a tiny minority.

Oli’s big Topic: NIMBY pamby – Not In My Back Yard!

Money talks and bullshit walks. That’s pretty much what’s happening in the saga of the TransMilenio extension to Carrera Séptima.
Colombian Peace Process

On Trial: The peace process

On Trial is a Bogotá Post feature in which we will put someone or something from the Colombian news “on trial”, trying to explain the...

Hidroituango or: The greatest project nobody wants to take responsibility for

Since April of 2018 the emergency around the Hidroituango project has kept national and local authorities on...

Opinion: Living in the moment instead of on a smartphone

Perceived public insecurity in Colombia results in reduced smartphone use and more physical presence.
Dia Sin Carro Bogota

Both sides: No car day

The recent Dia Sin Carro in Bogota caused much debate. We look at the argument for both sides as our correspondents give their opinions for and against.

Opinion: Has Colombian football overcome the tragedy of Andrés Escobar?

Vengeance, football, murder: the infamous end of Andrés Escobar is the very real story of what can occur when on-field mistakes result in real...
Colombia International Criminal COurt

Colombia and the International Criminal Court: Time for a rethink?

Dr David Hoile argues that Colombia should review its membership of an institution that finds itself unable to credibly respond to allegations of selectivity, racism, incompetence and impotence.