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Pro Christmas opinion, CHristmas list

We’re crackling over Christmas

Like it or lump it, Christmas is a major event in the calendar year. We listen to both sides of the argument with two people who share very differing views on the festive period
Ley Seca

Ley Seca Bleeds Profits Dry

Travis Crockett questions whether the Ley Seca law is really the answer to combating post-World Cup violence...
Oli Logo

Oli’s Big Topic: Society rules

Breaking the law…but following the rules
Taxi Uber

Uber vs Taxis: The Bogotá transport debate

The arrival of Uber has stirred up controversy with some remaining faithful to yellow cabs and others converting to the newcomer, Laura Sharkey looks at both sides of the debate and Emily Hastings runs through the most recent events.

Opinion: Shadow of the Hegemon

The United States continues to be a global superpower. The US for the time being will continue to influence countries all across Latin America....
Privatisation in Colombia, Enrique Peñalosa

On Trial: Privatisation

On Trial is a Bogotá Post feature in which we put someone or something from the Colombian news “on trial”, explaining the perspective of both their proponents and their critics. In this edition Mike Mackenna examines privatisation in Bogotá, a hot topic after Mayor Enrique Peñalosa, while not making any concrete promises, hinted at a privatisation plan in his first address to the city council.

Opinion: Democracy dies in darkness

Photo by pixabay The past few weeks have been an industry frenzy for the press. Juan Pablo Bieri,...
Colombia International Criminal COurt

Colombia and the International Criminal Court: Time for a rethink?

Dr David Hoile argues that Colombia should review its membership of an institution that finds itself unable to credibly respond to allegations of selectivity, racism, incompetence and impotence.
Journalism in Colombia

Journalism in Colombia

We take a look at different perspectives on journalism in Colombia, with Cristian Valencia, Hollman Morris and Kevin Howlett all sharing their thoughts on the industry today

Independent worker’s visas: a question of degrees

Colombia's visa rules are getting stricter, which has lead to an attack on the freedom of the press that has already forced several journalists to leave.