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Hidroituango or: The greatest project nobody wants to take responsibility for

Since April of 2018 the emergency around the Hidroituango project has kept national and local authorities on...

Opinion: No justice, no peace

Colombian President Iván Duque at a memorial service for victims of a car bombing in Bogotá last month. Photo by ...

Who peopled South America? New ancient DNA study reveals continent’s first...

Indigenous Americans as portrayed in Apocalypto. Still courtesy of Touchstone Pictures. The question of migrations--that of how...

Tunga penetrans: Get to know Colombia’s least favourite skin-burrowing parasite

Once lodged in the skin, the embedded sand-flea can grow up to 2000 times its size in 10 days. Illustration courtesy...

Turning Japanese, the connection between Colombia and Japan

We put Colombo-Japanese relations under the spotlight, as we take a look at what brings the two nations together.

Environmental costs mounting but EPM pushes forward with controversial dam project

An early estimate has been made today into the environmental damage caused by closing the floodgates to...

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