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Bogotá blast kills nine at police training academy

Photo courtesy of A car explosion that occurred this morning in Bogotá’s Escuela General Santander, the Colombian...

President Duque proposes USAN-alternative to exclude Venezuela

Declaración del Presidente Iván Duque sobre la liberación de secuestrados On Monday, President Ivan Duque not only...
Fracking in Colombia

Fracking in Colombia: What the frack?

Hydraulic fracturing – or simply ‘fracking’ – is a method of extracting oil and gas which has made its way from the US across most of South America and is in exploratory stages in Colombia. The possibility that fracking in Colombia might be allowed has sparked controversy – Steffan Frydkjær finds out more about this controversial extraction method.

Film review: Climax

French-Argentine director Gaspar Noé introduces us in Climax to members of a diverse dance troupé in a collage of interviews in which they share their fears, vices, loves and ambitions.

The last straw

Saying no to straws is one of many ways to reduce your plastic consumption.

The Inauguration of Nicolas Maduro according to Twitter

Nicolas Maduro speaking to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in February 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Venezuelan government)

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