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Deforestation in Colombia: The forest is burning

Deforestation in the Amazon has reached a critical point – if action is not taken now, the eco-systems will not recover.
Education protests

Student protests against government education policies remain on the ropes

After over a month and a half on the streets, leaders of the main student organisations negotiating with the Ministry of Education are struggling...

Opinion: What the US midterm elections mean for Latin America

Colombia has remained a solidly bipartisan issue in the US Congress. However a change in party also means a change in priorities. As a...

Plastic surgery in Colombia

Plastic surgery in Colombia is big business. Ranked at number 11 worldwide for the total number of procedures, the country is targeting medical tourism as a possible area of further economic expansion. Experiences, both good and bad, are everywhere to be found.

Snapshot of a nation: Preliminary Census 2018 results revealed

Colombia has 45.5 million people. This is the estimate made by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) when they published their preliminary findings...

Synthetic Drug Craze Hits Colombia

A STIMULANT known as ‘pink cocaine’ is becoming the new designer drug of choice among club-goers and high society, local media reported last week. Dealt...

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