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The latest Colombian business news:

$2.44 billion USD government spending delayed The global fall in the price of oil has caused the Colombian government to delay $2.44 billion USD in...

JP Morgan Raise Weighting: Boosts Peso

American financial services firm JP Morgan announced this week that they plan to add more Colombian debt to two investment indexes popular with emerging...
China Eastern Promise

Eastern promise: Economic relations between China and Colombia

As the second largest investor in the Colombian economy, China's influence is massive and wide-ranging. But to what extent is this a bad thing?
Mujeres Empresarias Colombianas, Colombian women entrepreneurs, Colombian businesswomen

Mujeres Empresarias Colombianas make their mark

Colombian women entrepreneurs have played leading roles in creating some of the most successful businesses in Colombia, ranging from fitness to laughter. Luisa Leon was at the launch of a new book, Mujeres Empresarias Colombianas, that tells their stories.

IT in Colombia: success in challenging times

Colombia is considered by many North American companies as one of the countries with high-performance software developing teams, able to compete with any country...
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Colombia’s industrial revolution

Juan David Piedrahíta Cardona gives his perspective on the next steps for the economy.

Free trade with Europe

As Irish lawmakers ratify EU-Colombia trade agreement despite concerns over human rights, we look at the history of the deal and what it will mean for business in Colombia

On its 20th birthday, Google see strong Colombian potential

As Google celebrates its twentieth birthday, we reflect on where the company has been, where it’s going, and what its innovations mean for Latin America.

Fincruit: A base for business

Some would call it crazy, quitting a job with a six figure salary to come and start a recruitment company in Bogotá, even more so if you know no one and have never lived there. Phoebe Hopson speaks to British-Colombian entrepreneur Pablo Miller, who is ahead of the curve, and determined make shock waves with his innovative company Fincruit.

Falling oil prices hit Colombian peso hard

Up until recently the country’s economic engine had been roaring, but falling oil prices means the economic outlook for 2015 is uncertain “It’s been a...